My Opinion on Chris Grant

Hello FTS. I am happy to say I am a new member of this wonderful site. I've followed my cavaliers on here for quite a while. This really is a great community.

There has been a lot of talk about the Cavs being aggressive this off season. As I read the comments and the fan posts I get upset with how people are reacting to this off season and the AB pick.

Many are talking about the free agent agreements and that we are missing out on the best players. Personally I don't believe we should go and overpay just because we have cap space. That cap space is much more valuable for trades especially to make the Dwight Howard signing work. We could land a quality player like Pau Gasol or Al Horford just by waiting for Howard to pick a team and taking some contracts off that team. Im not one to save cap space for 2014. We should definitely use it this off season for a player like Horford that can instantly turn us into a very dangerous team in the conference.

As for our hole at SF. I don't feel we need a guy like Iggy or Gay there. They demand a lot of money and Gay especially has poor efficiency. Once the ball gets to him, it's not gonna reach another player. I'm with most people on the 3 and D guy and am happy with just taking Clark. I think CG is doing a great job with this.

The final thing I have an issue with is the criticizing of the Anthony Bennett pick. First of all, there is now a streak of two Anthony's going number 1 (Davis the other). That should be enough for most people, but the rest is for the reluctant few. Back when we took Kyrie, there were many doubters of this number one choice because of the 11 game season. They thought he was unable to stay healthy and would be a bust. They said we should take williams to fill out hole up front. Can anyone say they regret it?

TT was a surprise to all of us. But after seeing his athleticism and work ethic. How he gobbles up rebounds like a healthy Varejao. Even the hook shot that's developed. Can you say CG went wrong? He got a great locker room presence there.

Dion was thought to be a reach at number 4. But we've seen his will to win and what he's capable of during the second half of the season. Kyrie and him make a deadly backcourt.

CG has made some great surprise pick. And I have no doubt he made the right pick with Bennett as well. He took the most talented guy in the draft, and there must've been something about Noel we didn't know to explain his fall to 6th. He didn't draft the position we needed, but he took the best player and his game will complement TT's strong defensive presence. We'll see where it goes.

I hope you can see that Chris Grant has been a great GM and put us in a great position to win. He's given us cap space and pulled off some great trades. Getting us a franchise player, and trading a water boy for a legitimate NBA bench. if you don't agree, leave a comment. All I can say is I am very excited for the future of the Cavs.

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