Why not Asik & Horford?

There have been multiple scenarios discussed that involve taking advantage of teams that are in the Dwightmare sweepstakes. Two of those possibilities have been acquiring Asik to free cap space in Houston and acquiring Horford once Atlanta doesn't get Howard and the Hawks decide to scrap the roster and start from scratch. I read somewhere that Cleveland has the cap space to sign Howard to his $20 million dollar max contract. If they have that space for Dwight, they would also have the room for both Asik ($8 million) and Horford ($12 million). The question then becomes "But they are both Centers, why would you need them both?" It's this underlying premise of the question that I disagree with. While Horford has managed to play adequately at Center in Atlanta his entire career, he is naturally a PF. My concern about acquiring him as C is that he is undersized for the position. Acquiring them both also gives the lineup flexibility that has been discussed at length on this site since drafting Bennett, as well as two plus defenders.

The trades:

To acquire Asik: Tyler Zeller & Miami's 2015 1st round pick, Memphis' & Orlando's 2014 2nd round picks.

To acquire Horford: Tristan Thompson, Sacramento's 2014 1st round pick & Memphis' 2015 1st round pick.

The lineups:

"Big" lineup: Irving, Waiters, Bennett, Horford, Asik Bench: Gee, Karasev, Varajao, Miles, back up PG

"Small" lineup: Irving, Waiters, Karasev, Bennett, Horford Bench: Asik, Varajao, Miles, Gee, back up PG

Ultimately this scenario does stretch the cap and it may be better to move Varajao to unload his $8 million dollar contract to fill out the rest of the roster with roles players. If they keep him, the roster depth at PF & C allows them to limit his minutes to try to keep him healthy. Another option may be to bring in AK47 for about the same price as Varajao, although filling out the roster may be difficult under that scenario.

Why not: I'm sure everyone will be quick to point out that the financial flexibility that has been cultivated would be gone, eliminating the possibility of signing King James in 2014. I'm not as concerned about that as everyone else seems to be. Also, if for whatever reason, that becomes a possibility, the Cavs can start dumping salary the same way Houston has been to make such a move possible. Also, most of our stock piled draft picks would be gone; however, what's the point in stockpiling assets if you're never going to use them?

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