Whats the next piece?

The recent addition of Earl Clark and Jarrett Jack have been really nice, but like a lot of the members here feel, this isn't exactly the "aggressive" moves Chris Grant promised. For the record, I am very happy with all of Grants moves this offseason, but he clearly is not done, and I am not the only one who thinks so with Jason Lloyd reporting
"#Cavs aren't done yet. Still looking for another big either through trade or free agency

Im guessing the SF position is filled for this upcoming season, Clark, Bennett, Gee, Karasev and Felix can all play the 3 spot, even though none of them is a top 5 SF(yet) the lot of them is great for our flexibility, and we will use them accordingly to the situation that would best fit our needs. So what else is there? We need another Centre.

Zeller proved to be a great piece for us last year, but he isn't a starting centre, and Varajao is forever aging and becoming more injury prone, and he isn't really a true centre, being able to play the PF spot as well. So where are our options at?

In Free Agency the names of Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum have been thrown around a bit, but do we really want to gamble on them? Out of the two, I would go for Oden, given I think his health is a little better, and he would be asking for a lot friendlier contract. There is also Nikola Pekovic, but he would demand a massive contract before Minnesota would back down and match our offer.

That leaves the trade option.

Omer Asik: The acquisition of Dwight Howard makes Asik irrelevant in Houston, and he reportedly wants out. I don't rate him that highly considering his contract, but he would be a good asset to this team

DeAndre Jordan: Doc Rivers have said he wants to keep DeAndre, but the Clippers organisation has shown DeAndre is a movable piece. He is young, and a freak athlete who would dunk over anyone possible, having both him and Kyrie on the same team would be the Knight humiliating tandem. It would be very hard to acquire him, but nevertheless worth a shot

Al Horford: Are the Atlanta Hawks in full tank mode now that Josh Smith is gone? Moving Horford would further propel them deep into a proper rebuild. In my opinion he may be the most under-rated player in the NBA. We have a few first round assets we could throw at them, that may get them interested

Larry Sanders: He was a solid chance for NBA most improved. We didn't take Nerlens Noel, but Sanders is probably his closest NBA comparison. Nearly averaged a double double in only 27MPG, and got 2.8blocks in that time as well. Not sure if Milwaukee would depart with him, but he would be a nice acquisition.

DeMarcus Cousins: I'm not sure where Sacremento stand with him, one week they want him, the week he is moveable? I really don't know. He is a good player, and I would take but is he worth the hastle?

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