Two ways this could go at this point

My boy DELLADOVA!! I hope he makes the team!!! I wanted Ali Farokhmanesh a while back. Always could use a low cost shooter.

Ok, on to the post:

First off, thank you Chris Grant for being active in Free Agency. You started the offseason off slow and we questioned a lot of things that you did. The drafting of Bennett over Nerlens, McLEmore, and Oladipo. We loved the Karasev move. We weren’t sure about Carrick and we may have been a tad agitated that you gave away Crabbe for two future second rounders. But hey, we still trusted that you would be active in free agency. Then you moved a little slow, but you sped up with moves on Ellington, Speights, letting Casspi walk, Jarrett Jack, and Earl Clark.

Now were at a crossroads with a pending Andrew Bynum signing. In my opinion I see two ways this could go.

We could go all in and snatch Bynum and look to do a trade for Kevin Love as well. (We’d have too many bigs at this point and we can spare a few)

Bynum passes and we roll with who we have and maybe, maybe nab Kirelinko.

Scenario #1:

Let’s say Bynum takes the 24mil with 2nd year Team option. At this point I would seriously take a look at Kevin Love over in Minnesota. I would offer them CJ Miles, Tristan Thompson, Sacramento’s Protected Pick, and probably those two second rounders from Portland.

Wovles get a top-4 pick to throw next to Peckovic that has a cheap contract.

Rubio, Shabazz, D.Will, Thompson, and Peckovic

:is a pretty decent team. Especially with Gorgie coming off the bench. They wouldn’t be forced to trade Ridnour or Barea either. They probably could afford to keep Kirelinko if Love’s contract is off the books.

Cavs let go of a top four pick but ultimately has a no.1 pick in Anthony Bennett waiting in the wings to grow and develop behind Love. They keep AV/Zeller which would be crazy important for Bynum insurance. Cavs can roll out Kyrie, Dion, Bennett, Clark, Gee, Karasev, Jack, Love, Bynum, AV, Zeller, Felicks, Delladova and maybe sign one more shooter somewhere. Or even Metta!

I think we would be looking at a crazy defensive/offensive team. The only question mark would be Kevin Love and Kyrie on the defensive end. But if all these folks can stay healthy, the team may do some damage in the top-heavy East.






And then there's my boy DELLADOVA!!!

And let’s say we give Metta a one-year deal. He and Bynum can still be off the books for 2014 if the Cavs so choose. I’d go over the cap for a Melo/Lebron/George or stay slightly under and nab a Deng/Granger. That would be the best team the Cavs have rolled out in a LONG time.

Scenario #2:

Bynum chooses another team we can go ahead and get Kirelinko or Metta and not worry about Kevin Love. I think this would still help us. (I would only pursue Love if we have Bynum, personally)



AK or Metta/ Clark/Bennett



And then there's my boy DELLADOVA!!!

That’s some good flexibility to work with. Still shy in the Center area, but it could produce some wins for sure.

In the end, I guess this is all the flexibility that Grant was talking about. If we pass on Bynum, were still in contention for a Playoff spot if we grab a defensive three in Kirelinko or Metta. But if we get Bynum, I’d be aching to chase Kevin Love almost immediately.

And then there's my boy DELLADOVA!!!

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