Bold Predictions for the Cavs in 2013/14

It has been a bit quite lately on the NBA front in Cleveland, with the buzz of the Indians making a playoff push, and excitement knowing the NFL season is right around the corner with pre-season games and training camp. So I am here to inject some excitement back into the NBA front and really put me neck out on the line. I am going to be making BOLD Predictions for this upcoming season. Feel free to refer to these predictions in future, as that is the whole point of this, Bold predictions need to be bold! And if I miss on them, I fully expect to hear how wrong I was.

Let this also be a chance for you to comment your own Bold predictions below. Be as outrageous as you wish, this is a chance for you to express your weird wacky theories and beliefs, who knows you may become a future member of #TeamICalledIt

Andrew Bynum will play Round 1, and will start more than 60 games

I was going to say 50 games, but it didn't feel bold enough. If Bynum wants that $12mil, if Bynum wants a bigger deal when this one is up, he needs to prove himself. He will do just that

Cavs will finish with a better record than atleast one team from New York

Knicks didn't get any better when the East really did progress, and I have serious questions about Chemistry in Brooklyn, particularly with Jason Kidd as head coach

Kyrie Irving will make All-NBA 2nd Team

Chris Paul is better than Kyrie, but with Rondo on the shelf, questions about Rose, Kyrie will beat Parker, Williams, Curry, Westbrook, Wall, for the PG role on the 2nd team

Carrick Felix will have a better rookie season than Karasev

A lot of people here are going to grill me for this, but its this simple for me, Felix's defence is significantly better than Karasev's offense. Felix will fit Browns system better and he doesn't have to adjust from the international game which is a little slower.

2 Cavs will be All-stars

Kyrie is obviously number 1 so who is number 2? I was going to include this in the Bynum prediction, but I don't think he will be the All-star. I am one of the biggest Dion Waiters supporters here, and he is my pick. But who knows, maybe Varajao returns and averages 14rpg again? Does Tristan embrace Browns system and continue his growth? Anyones guess, my money is on Waiters.

So there are my predictions, you're turn FTS community

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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