FTS FF League 2: Power Rankings



A few more things to get out of the way:

A) I'm doing this out of the kindness in my heart for Conrad and Justin, because I give precisely zero f*cks about this league. There will be no proofreading.

B) This is a 12-team PPR league that starts 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR flex spot (WEAK SAUCE), 1 K, 1 D/ST, and 6 bench spots.

C) So this is actually my third draft of these power rankings. In a gin-fueled rage, I systematically eviscerated every team, even the ones I genuinely liked. All hope had vanished from the land, and only despair remained in my soul. Clevy labeled my League A post as "angry," and I was going to show him what true anger entails. It was then suggested I tone it down a bit so as not to put off some of our less-frequent participants.

The second draft was still pretty negative, but only as a matter of form. I just felt like poking holes in everyone's squads without actively trying to break your spirits. Then my buzz only lasted through six teams before enough was enough, and I decided I didn't have it in me to recreate my mental state while writing all of this for you people. Because I don't care, you see. I couldn't leave it imbalanced, so I scrapped most of it.

This version will begin with a list of current rosters as they appear on each team's home page, as there have been a couple of trades since the draft. The order of presentation will be according to the post-draft power rankings generated by your commissioner and newly-minted FTS writer, Justin Rowan, which he wrote the day after the draft. His analysis isn't completely up to date, but most of it stands. (Consider all of his thoughts fully sic'd, as I will take no responsibility for them whatsoever. You guys feel free to go after him.) I will then provide a small dose of my own analysis. Finally, I'll stamp my up-to-date power rankings at the end.

D) This is all nonsense, and people who take fantasy sports criticism seriously are terribly insecure and generally miserable people. For those of you who don't participate on FTS as much: this is nothing personal. Use this a jumping-off point to talk about unimportant shit on your way to making the community even better this Cavs season. Also, shut everyone up by using your wits and managing your team well. It's not like there's money on the line here. (Other goods may be wagered, which may have happened on Twitter for League A.)

E) I'm not as familiar with this league and only know of a few users that are attached to these teams. I will not try to guess and screw everything up. If you want, clarify things in the comments and take ownership of your terrible decisions.

To Justin's power rankings:

#1: Big Ditka Problems
QB: Tom Brady
RB: Matt Forte
RB: Frank Gore
WR: A.J. Green
WR: Steve Smith
TE: Brandon Myers
Flex: Mike Williams
BN: BenJarvus Green-Ellis
BN: Shonn Greene
BN: Michael Turner
BN: Brandon LaFell
BN: Jordy Nelson
BN: Sidney Rice
K: Matt Prater
D/ST: Cincinnati

Justin's Thoughts: I am going to give myself the number one spot over Lache Waco due to the Gronk injury. Depending when he comes back this is season this could change things come playoff time. Having a top 3 QB, a ton of depth at WR including high end talent and a solid group of RB’s gives Big Ditka Problems the most complete roster in this league

NDK's Thoughts: Well, surprise, surprise! Justin put himself at #1. Stunning. He has a nice team, and he's doubling down on Steve Smith between the two FTS leagues. He's also full of hubris and will inevitably fail. Maybe Michael Turner will save him. I also can't wait until Forte doubly disappoints you this year.

#2: lache waco
QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: Arian Foster
RB: Doug Martin
WR: Jacoby Jones
WR: James Jones
TE: Owen Daniels
Flex: Ahmad Bradshaw
BN: Bernard Pierce
BN: Ben Tate
BN: DeAndre Hopkins
BN: Kenbrell Thompkins
BN: Kendall Wright
BN: Zach Sudfeld
K: Randy Bullock
D/ST: Green Bay

(Note: lache waco acquired Arian Foster, Owen Daniels, and Santonio Holmes in exchange for Maurice Jones-Drew, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski. Holmes was dropped for Jacoby Jones.)

Justin's Thoughts: I am a big fan of this roster. I gave it top marks in both QB and RB however WR remains the one chink in an otherwise solid armor. James Jones and Amendola are not the two WR’s that I would want to rely on all season and there is not a ton of solid depth behind it. If Gronk comes back and plays like he can, there should be no issues though. Also Packers defense is going to be lit up all season.

NDK's Thoughts: Are you from Houston? This would make more sense if you are from Houston. Anyhow, I would not have made that trade, but this isn't my team. Hopefully James Jones gets another 47 million touchdowns this year and one of your young upstart WRs hits, because it is a weakness. I like your TEs, though, and Rodgers-Foster-Martin is a strong foundation.


#3: Doctor Conrad's Team
QB: Tony Romo
RB: Darren Sproles
RB: Reggie Bush
WR: Calvin Johnson
WR: Victor Cruz
TE: Tony Gonzalez
Flex: Eric Decker
BN: Joique Bell
BN: Knowshon Moreno
BN: Jacquizz Rodgers
BN: Miles Austin
BN: Ryan Broyles
BN: Cordarrelle Patterson
K: Garrett Hartley
D/ST: Tampa Bay

Justin's Thoughts: By far the best group of PPR running backs in the league. There is obviously injury concerns with both players but if healthy they should catch an insane amount of balls and wrack up a ton of all purpose yards. Good receiving core, good tight end, good defense and a pretty good fantasy QB. Nothing jumps off the board at any of those positions which is why the team fell in the rankings however if the teams fires on all cylinders it will be extremely tough to beat.

NDK's Thoughts: ALL HAIL OUR LOVING OVERLORD! HIS TEAM IS SUPREME! Actually, it is a pretty good team. Assuming health, Gonzalez not falling off a cliff instead of gradually declining, and being able to avoid the stench of Romo stenching your stench to stench, this team is an early favorite. Just don't get upset when DET ruins your life. You should've seen that coming.

#4: Burg Dawgs
QB: Andrew Luck
RB: Ray Rice
RB: Stevan Ridley
WR: Hakeem Nicks
WR: Greg Jennings
TE: Jimmy Graham
Flex: DeMarco Murray
BN: EJ Manuel
BN: Ben Roethlisberger
BN: Ronnie Hillman
BN: Alshon Jeffery
BN: Greg Little
BN: Antonio Gates
K: Stephen Gostkowski
D/ST: San Francisco

(Note: Burg Dawgs acquired Hakeem Nicks and Jonathan Dwyer in exchange for DeSean Jackson and Le'Veon Bell. Dwyer was later dropped for Ronnie Hillman.)

Justin's Thoughts: I am very impressed by the RB’s on this team. That paired with the best TE in the game and a great defense in the 49ers makes this a tough team to beat. However I am not big on Andrew Luck going into this season nor am I big on Rapelessburger. Also Greg Jennings has Matt Cassell or Ponder throwing to him. This is just not a good situation at all. DeSean Jackson could be great. But it’s tough to say for sure.

NDK's Thoughts: You can never have enough QBs, I guess. The more I think about it, the more I think the Colts are due to regress this year, so have fun with that. I wasn't loving this team too much until I got to Jimmy Graham, which should give you a boost for having some weak WRs. Also, tough break trading for the wrong part of Pittsburgh's RB committee. The team is solid, if unspectacular. I don't much disagree with Justin's words.

#5: Use the Schwartz
QB: Dree Brees
RB: Ryan Mathews
RB: Adrian Peterson
WR: Randall Cobb
WR: Mike Wallace
TE: Fred Davis
Flex: Eddie Lacy
BN: Eli Manning
BN: Vick Ballard
BN: Tavon Austin
BN: Kyle Rudolph
K: Sebastian Janikowski
BN: Phil Dawson
D/ST: Houston Texans
BN: Arizona Cardinals

Justin's Thoughts: Great QB, best running back in the game paired with a couple backs that could be hit or miss and a good defense. The WR position is a question mark though because while both Cobb and Mike Wallace could have very good years we still don’t know exactly what they will provide.

NDK's Thoughts: First, the reasonable analysis. I have more faith in Cobb than Justin does, but I agree on Wallace. Either Lacy or Mathews will hit, and you'll have a nice core. Now, onto the other analysis. Why in the blue hell do you still have two Ks and two D/STs a week after the draft? Why did you ever have them in the first place? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

#6: Weeden Start the Fire
QB: Peyton Manning
RB: Jamaal Charles
RB: Steven Jackson
WR: Cecil Shorts
WR: Wes Welker
TE: Jason Witten
Flex: Lance Moore
BN: Joe Flacco
BN: Montee Ball
BN: Andre Brown
BN: Michael Bush
BN: Michael Floyd
BN: Emmanuel Sanders
K: David Akers
D/ST: St. Louis

Justin's Thoughts: Peyton Manning should have a good year with the multitude of receiving options he has. I’m not really high on Jamal Charles. He can either get you 30 points or 5 depending on the week however Steven Jackson should have a great year. The WR position is a question mark based on how many balls will be directed at Welker and Shorts. But overall a pretty good team.

NDK's Thoughts: This is a nice little team. WR is pretty thin for you, but that's the price you pay to go RB/RB/QB. Witten helps offset that a bit. I like Charles more than Justin and think he will treat you fine. When you're picking ninth in a PPR league and he's still sitting there, you don't overthink it. Welker might have target issues, but I don't think Shorts will. He'll have Gabbert/Henne issues, but count me on #TeamCecil. If Peyton holds up and you find a way to boost your WR corps a bit, you might be all right.

#7: Garden of Weeden
QB: Robert Griffin III
RB: Darren McFadden
RB: Marshawn Lynch
WR: Dez Bryant
WR: Vincent Jackson
TE: Greg Olsen
Flex: Denarius Moore
BN: Andy Dalton
BN: Chris Ivory
BN: Isaiah Pead
BN: Isaac Redman
BN: Kenny Britt
BN: Malcolm Floyd
K: Matt Bryant
D/ST: Seattle

Justin's Thoughts: RG3 should have a great year if he remains healthy however Darren McFadden is not going to be healthy. This is just a fact of life. While Lynch should have a great season there will be too many weeks of Chris Ivory ahead which could put a strain on the team. Fantastic defense and a good 1, 2 punch with Dez Bryant and Vincent Jackson. I’m not big on Greg Olson though.

NDK's Thoughts: Oof. There's a lot of risk here, of which I am not a fan. RG3 scares me. McFadden terrifies me. You have two Raiders and a Jet on your team that could be getting serious starts on your team. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm not a huge Lynch fan in a PPR league, but at #10? Sure. Olsen is Olsen. Dez and Jackson help, and Seattle's strong. I'm just guessing you drafted the D/ST when better offensive options were still on the board. /looks at draft results, sees round eight, realizes this team was auto-drafted... Sorry friend.

#8: I get my Weeden Grahams
QB: Matt Ryan
RB: Chris Johnson
RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
WR: Danny Amendola
WR: Roddy White
TE: Brandon Pettigrew
Flex: Anquan Boldin
BN: Carson Palmer
BN: Le'Veon Bell
BN: Rashard Mendenhall
BN: Antonio Brown
BN: DeSean Jackson
BN: Rob Gronkowski
K: Blair Walsh
D/ST: New England

Justin's Thoughts: Very solid QB and a solid RB group. I’m not big having to start Boldin every week but Roddy White should still be the best receiver in Atlanta this season. Nice TE and defense. Overall good balance.

NDK's Thoughts: saintwierdo3 has three things going for him: 1) plenty of lip, 2) a self-imposed #teamhighscores banhammer death wish, and 3) a pretty strong team. I think Justin undersold things here, but his rankings came before the previously-mentioned trades. The upgrade to Amendola (should he stay healthy) is greater than the downgrade to MJD (should he stay healthy), and 12 weeks of Gronk could still be the #2 TE in the league. You have risk as well, but not as much as others. Anquan Boldin is junk, but you have other options.

#9: 69ers
QB: Matthew Stafford
RB: C.J. Spiller
RB: Lamar Miller
WR: Demaryius Thomas
WR: Andre Johnson
TE: Jermaine Gresham
Flex: Pierre Garçon
BN: Michael Vick
BN: Bryce Brown
BN: Denard Robinson
BN: Justin Blackmon
BN: Mohamed Sanu
BN: Jermichael Finley
K: Mike Nugent
D/ST: Denver Broncos

Justin's Thoughts: Stafford could be alright I guess in theory. Love the WR’s if Andre Johnson and Garcon stay healthy. RB’s are also pretty good but it’s two guys that haven’t had a full workload before so it’s hard to say how great they will be just yet.

NDK's Thoughts: Wait, who let votto in here? I thought we had a secret agreement to open the door of opportunity only to slam it in his face. Dammit, Justin. This place has gone downhill since you got the writing gig. Anyhow, I wonder if there will be any Bengals on the team... Yep, just none of the good ones. I NEED Stafford to go off in another league, so I've got your back. So does Mike Vick. If you end up with a TE that doesn't constantly disappoint, Garçon not being a whiny punk, and everything you hope Spiller could be at #3, you might be all right. You're also rooting for a Shady injury, so high five!

#10: I'm Thinking RB's
QB: Colin Kaepernick
RB: LeSean McCoy
RB: David Wilson
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Torrey Smith
TE: Jordan Cameron
Flex: T.Y. Hilton
BN: Giovani Bernard
BN: Pierre Thomas
BN: Chris Givens
BN: Josh Gordon
BN: Julius Thomas
K: Justin Tucker
D/ST: Chicago
BN: Baltimore

Justin's Thoughts: Cool! You got two RB’s that should have great years in McCoy and Wilson. I’m not sold Kapernick will be a great fantasy QB and Torrey Smith is super frustrating to own. Overall it’s a pretty solid roster just with a few question marks.

NDK's Thoughts: Ah, yes. Here we have the League 2 winner of the "Andre Brown Broke His Leg" sweepstakes, as well as the guy drinking the Cameron kool-aid. I like Bernard and Givens as solid flex plays and bye-week starters behind a solid starting roster. If Kaepernick is better than Justin thinks he'll be (which won't take much; Jrow hates him) and Cameron, Hilton, and/or Gordon take off, you could be in very good shape. That's a lot of youth to count on, though.

QB: Cam Newton
RB: Trent Richardson
RB: Daryl Richardson
WR: Marques Colston
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
TE: Vernon Davis
Flex: Steve Johnson
BN: Jay Cutler
BN: Fred Jackson
BN: DeAngelo Williams
BN: Brian Hartline
BN: Darrius Heyward-Bey
BN: Martellus Bennett
K: Greg Zuerlein
D/ST: Minnesota Vikings

Justin's Thoughts: Not thrilled with the RB situation. A lot of this season will depend on how Cam Newton does for you. Colston should have a better year than last year same with Fitzgerald however Stevie Johnson has nobody to get him the football and they are going to run 99% of the time. Just nothing really stands out for me here.

NDK's Thoughts: It's Team Richardson. Woooo! I kind of agree with Justin. If CAR is going to cut down on Cam's designed runs, it could get tough. Davis has yet to show any chemistry with Kaepernick, Johnson has that QB tire fire to work with, and your RBs have limited track records and/or injury concerns. Maybe Spiller goes down and Fred Jackson becomes a fantasy savior like he has in the past.

#12: Cold Blooded Spiller
QB: Russell Wilson
RB: Shane Vereen
RB: Alfred Morris
WR: Brandon Marshall
WR: Reggie Wayne
TE: Jared Cook
Flex: Dwayne Bowe
BN: Roy Helu
BN: Mark Ingram
BN: Danny Woodhead
BN: Vincent Brown
BN: Rueben Randle
BN: Golden Tate
K: Josh Brown
D/ST: Cleveland

Justin's Thoughts: You have the Browns defense. Joe Haden can’t cover everyone. I don’t think Vereen is going to be reliable enough guy to start every week. Ingram could break through and Woodhead just might be the sleeper breakout star you need however there’s just too many question marks. Like the WR core though.

NDK's Thoughts: Someone is in need of an updated team name. You don't have Spiller, dude. Anyhow, I don't dislike the Cleveland D/ST like Justin does, but I'm also a Browns fan that probably expects the worst. Good luck, friend. I'm not sure what to make of this team. Wilson, Marshall, and Wayne could all regress without surprise. They could also repeat last year and make you happy. Everyone's waiting for Jared Cook to be good. Is this the year? I like Bowe, but he could also tank again. I might rank you last for naming your team after a first-round pick you don't have.

Change of Plans

You already have makeshift power rankings courtesy of the commish. Rather than implementing my proprietary formula of nonsense, I'm going to leave them as they are. Each of you can make your own rankings in the comments section and verbally spar for the #1 spot. Just don't let it be Justin.

In the future, I'll make a weekly fanpost that updates the power rankings for both leagues. If someone from League 2 wants to take on that responsibility, then let me know and it's all yours.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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