NBA Trade Rumors: Cavaliers interested in Pierre Jackson, Kings interested in Jarrett Jack

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There are more rumors about what the Cavaliers might do at the deadline.

It was reported yesterday that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets had engaged in trade talks regarding Jarrett Jack and Jason TerryAccording to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Cavaliers may have other potential trade partners for a Jarrett Jack deal. The Sacramento Kings are one of those teams that could be interested in acquiring the veteran point guard.

The Kings have several players on relatively unappealing contracts that could be swapped for Jack's unappealing contract. Lloyd cites Jason Thompson and Marcus Thornton as possible players that could be included in such a deal.

Thompson is signed for another three years at a total of $19 million, while Thornton is making $8 million this season and will make about $8.7 million next season in the final year of his deal. Thornton is averaging 8.3 points and shooting a career-worst 38 percent. He averaged 18.7 points two seasons ago for the Kings, but his scoring has declined in each of the last two seasons.

Lloyd also reports that the Cavs and Nets are still discussing a Terry for Jack swap. In my opinion, I'd rather do that than take on either of the bad contracts from the Kings. Lloyd writes something very similar:

Terry is slightly cheaper than Jack and has one year left on his contract worth about $5.4 million. Terry, 36, is playing 16 minutes a game off the bench for the Nets, averaging 4.5 points and shooting 36 percent - all career lows. But he won a championship with the Dallas Mavericks and can provide steady perimeter shooting if he can rediscover his stroke.

Perhaps related to the Cavs' interest in trading away Jarrett Jack, Lloyd reports that there has been some talk about acquiring Pierre Jackson from the New Orleans Pelicans. Jackson is still in the D-League, but the Pelicans own his draft rights. If the Cavs trade Jack away, they might try to get Jackson to be the third point guard on the roster.

Jackson is averaging 29.1 points and 6.2 assists with the Idaho Stampede. He set a D-League record last month by scoring 58 points in a victory against the Texas Legends.

There's not a ton of time before the deadline, but we always see new rumors and deals pop out of nowhere in the final days.

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