What is Kyrie Irving's long-term position?

Hellooooo, FTS brethren!

In my last FanPost, I talked about Dion Waiters and what player he might become later in his career. Now, I want to talk about Kyrie Irving's future. Not so much the player he'll become, but what will his future position be?

Lately, Mike Brown has put Jarrett Jack at PG and Kyrie at SG. While I don't necessarily agree with this, putting Kyrie at SG does make sense. Brown probably just wants Kyrie to learn how to score off the ball more, but let's get deeper into this shall we?

Currently, Kyrie is ranked 13th in assists. While that's good, a PG is expected to be in the top 10 in assists. I've said this before and I will say it again, Kyrie is not a pass-first PG. He can make some great passes, but he's looking to score the ball most of the time when he has the chance.

Before the All-Star break, Kyrie was averaging 6.2 assists per game. That number has risen to 6.6 since the All-Star break, and while he's clearly shown improvement in his passing game, it's still not up to par with his otherworldly expectations.

I think this is also a reason why Mike Brown put Kyrie at SG. While he is a good passer, Brown can see that he's not a true PG like a Chris Paul, Rondo, Rubio, etc.

Then this question pops up. Should Kyrie just go the Allen Iverson route?

Allen Iverson, as we all know, was a terrific player. Easily, pound for pound the greatest of all time. At 6'0" foot and 165 lbs, it was amazing at how he could score so easily. AI never gave up and was one of the most passionate players you will ever see. Even after getting injured multiple times and getting clobbered in the paint, he still got up and fought through the pain and played every game like it was his last.

Here's an example right here:

After AI gets injured, he gets back on the floor and acts like nothing happened. Soon after, he drove into the paint and got clobbered again, but he gets right back up even with an injury. This dude was a warrior and it makes me sad knowing that he could have had a longer career if it wasn't for some of the decisions he made.

But enough of me talking about how great AI was, even though I'm sure I'll be doing it again later.

Back in the day, Larry Brown was coaching the 76ers and decided to put AI at SG. People thought he was crazy for doing that, because there would be too many problems for AI facing bigger guys than him. Little did they know that AI was going to give them a heck of a lot more problems than other guys were going to give him.

Kyrie is doing the same thing AI is doing. While playing at SG, he may be undersized just a little bit, but he's giving a lot of problems to every defense he faces. There just simply isn't a way to contain Uncle Drew. As all of us Cavs fans know, Kyrie has the total offensive package.

AI even said that he would want to face Kyrie one on one. Here's the interview:

Eventually, I think Kyrie can become a successful PG, but you can't help but think that SG is also a possibility. Also, for some strange reason, I have the urge to compare Eric Snow to Jarrett Jack. Maybe next FanPost...

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