Can the Cavs eventually become succesful under Mike Brown?

The million dollar question every Cavs fan wants to know. Can this team be successful under Mike Brown?

Earlier in the year, hiring Mike Brown back seemed like a horrible rehire. The offense was terrible, the defense was average at best, and the famous YOLO ISO's at the end of the game returned with Brown's offensive system. Combine all of that with chemistry problems and you have a ship that's already sunk.

But something's changed in the Cavaliers lately. They've been playing with major heart and refuse to give up on their playoff hopes. It's really been incredible to see. When Kyrie Irving got injured, we all thought that this team was heading back to the lottery. How can I say this...

*Mutombo voice* No no no...

Also, no matter how much of a Mike Brown hater you are, *Cough cough, Bill Simmons, cough* you have to give credit to him. Whenever the Cavs lost, most of us would blame it on Brown. Yes, I admit I was one of those people, but now we're seeing the team that we thought we were going to see earlier in the season, which is a defensive first team that knows how to play on offense as well.

Oh, and don't know if you guys remember this, but the Cavs were successful under Mike Brown not too long ago. Sure, it was when Brown had LeBron James, but not all of it was because of him. If there's one thing you have to say about that old Cavs team, they played defense. Mike Brown made sure they would play defense if it was the last thing they did. As a result, LeBron became more of a complete player, and the team followed.

As of late, the Cavs are moving the ball and making the extra pass on offense, while also playing good defense. I'll be honest with you guys, though. Even if the Cavs don't make the playoffs, they've made me proud enough because of their valiant effort. It could also be good momentum heading into next season. There's only one question I have right now...


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