With the Atlanta Hawks beating the Celtics, the Cavaliers are officially eliminated from the playoffs. You know what that means...

Yes, the Cavs will miss the playoffs and head back to the lottery once again. Yes, the Cavs mostly had a terrible season. And yes, we will be seeing the bow ties again this summer.

BUT...It's not all bad, guys. Just before the All-Star break and late into the season, the Cavs started to play with grit and heart. Oh yeah, they were also winning too. This will be the reason why Mike Brown may stay as a head coach if he doesn't get fired...again. Plus, this is also good momentum heading into next season.

We even have a lottery pick in a deep draft coming up, but who knows what we try to do with it. We could use it to draft another talented young guy, or we could try to trade our pick for another star in the league.

I'm not here to talk about the draft, though. *GASP* I'm here to talk about what you should expect next season from the Cleveland Cavaliers. All of this stuff is optimistic stuff, so get ready.

1: Kyrie Irving will be back with a vengeance.

No, Kyrie Irving will not be traded and will stay in Cleveland unless he doesn't want to sign an extension. Here's how I think the conversation will turn out.

"Meh...I don't think Cleveland is the best place for m-WAIT? You guys giving me 90 million?!" *Signs extension*

Alright, enough about this contract stuff. The reason why I say Kyrie Irving will be back with a vengeance is because he should be tired of missing the playoffs. Oh, and all the overrated stuff that's going on about Kyrie, that will be out the front door next season. (Darn you November for making his shooting percentages look like that.) I honestly think Kyrie will have the best season of his career next season. The reason why I say that is because it'll be his fourth year in the NBA, he'll be decently experienced, and I think he's finally starting to learn how to be a PG. Him being injured and watching Waiters take over the team was good for Kyrie, because he sees how good they can be together. It really was a blessing in disguise. Trust me, you'll see.

2: Tristan Thompson will FINALLY get a jumper!

At least I hope he gets a jumper. If he's still passing up an open jumper to go into traffic and get blocked in the process, Imma lose my mind. I know big men take time to develop, but he DESPERATELY needs this jumper next year.

3: Dion Waiters will become an All-Star next season.

I mean, his ceiling is at an All-Star level, so why not put this on the list? I'm sure the fans remember how Dion and Tim Hardaway Jr. were going back and forth in the rising stars game. I feel like if Dion can take his game to the next level next season, then he will be an All-Star.

4: Anthony Bennett will be a lot better next season and take over Tristan's starting spot.

It's not that hard to surpass Bennett's stats this season. With a complete off-season, I fully expect Bennett to be a whole lot better next season, and we will see why the Cavs chose him with the 1st pick. We've seen previews of what he could become this season, so I'm pretty excited for him. The second half of number 4 will happen if Tristan still doesn't have a jumper. And who knows? Bennett could win the MIP (Most Improved Player) award.

5: Mike Brown will prove the haters wrong.

Mike really had the team buying into defense late into the season, and as a result, the team started playing so much better. Even on offense, they looked better.

Like I said before, If Mike Brown is still coach, then it will be because Dan Gilbert saw that his team was playing hard under Brown. Don't be the Browns. At least give Mike one more year and see what happens.

6: Jarrett Jack will live up to his contract.

Believe it or not, but Jack has been playing a better recently. He's still jackin' up shots, but the difference now is he's actually making them. Hopefully he can keep it going next season.

7: Cavs will not trade Andy...again...

I'm 50/50 on this. There's a very good chance of Andy being traded, but then you take a step back and realize what you're trading. You're trading away heart, hustle, 110% effort every night, and a fan favorite. Meh...I don't know. Let's see what happens.

8: Austin Carr will come up with a new catch pharse.

How many catch phrases does AC have, by the way?

9: Delly and Spencer "Steve" Hawes will be Cavaliers for the rest of their careers.

At least that's what I hope. This will make me a happy man. I want Delly's hustle and Hawes' shooting to be on the team foreva!

10: Cavs will make the playoffs next year.

Wait for next year, guys. Wait for next year. Let's face it. The Cavs dug themselves so deep in a hole earlier in the season, and then they decide to turn it on and play with effort when we're on our last leg. I just...don't get this team. Hey, you have to hit rock bottom before you get to the top, right? #WaitForNextYear

11: LeBron James will return as a Cleveland Cavalier.


Okay, okay. Enough with the caps. Let me tell you why I think LeBron will come back to the Cavs.

First of all, it would be a perfect storybook ending. The once almighty King of Cleveland leaves the Cavs to go win a some championships. Now that he has completed his goal and nobody could ever take his two rings away from him, (Could be three this summer) he decides to come back and fulfill his promise to his old kingdom so the Cavs can win an NBA championship. Doesn't that sound like a good story? I would actually buy that book if it came out.

Him just coming back is saying, "I'm sorry for what I did, and I promise to make it right this time." And for all you people that are saying you don't want LBJ on your team, just stop. Traitor, quitter, no heart, quitness, call him whatever you want. All I know is that I would like to have a guy that's averaging 57/37/75 from the field while putting up 27 PPG, with 6.9 REBS, and 6.4 AST. Whether you want LeBron back or not, it gives us the best chance to break the Cleveland curse and win a championship.

While we're on the subject of LeBron coming back...Let's talk about this.

12: LeBron, Kyrie, & Dion have a chance to become the greatest trio of all time.

How does that roll off your tongue? Pretty nice, huh? Think about it. This trio is oozing with potential if LeBron does decide to come back. And the best thing here is LeBron is at the peak of his powers, while Kyrie and Dion will continue to get better because their super young. Also, I do know how many great trio's and duo's there were in the NBA, but this trio has a chance to be something really special if this does come to life.

And last but certainly not least...

13: The Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA Championship.

Notice how that I didn't put the year when they will win. If LeBron comes back, then that automatically makes us contenders, but if he doesn't, then I just see us getting into the playoffs and make the second round. All I know is that this off-season will be the biggest one yet for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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