In Defense of Mike Brown

The Cleveland Cavaliers should keep Mike Brown for next season.

But why?

First, some think that this is an open question, or they've already decided that he has to get re-fired. Bill Livingston of the Cleveland PD is the most notable figure so far (who, it's important to remember, called Brandon Weeden is the "most talented QB Cleveland has had in a long time"). Some cite this season's record. Others, the non-existent offense, Mike Brown 2.0 looking like Mike Brown 1.0, the rotations, not playing rookies, and that his only reason for success last time was He Who Must Not Be Named.

But it's important to remember how volatile coaching can be, how unpredictable even the best of coaches can be with their teams, and how good Mike Brown has been for the Cavaliers thus far.

For instance, why is Frank Vogel now 'coaching for his job' after finishing first in the East? Why was Eric Spoelstra on the 'hot seat' last year (for a time)? How in the world did Byron Scott get to the finals and have his team quit on him in Cleveland? Coaches, even the best ones, are good until they aren't. Sports fans and the media are incredibly short sighted when it comes to coaching success. Coaches that even win Coach of the Year are not safe. Byron Scott, Avery Johnson, Mike D'Antoni, Rick Carlisle, Sam Mitchell, and Mike Brown all got fired after winning the award.

Even the best coaches run into tough times. Firing them after one season is not the answer.

Now enter Mike Brown.

Mike Brown brought us to the Finals, and this is the first season he's ever missed the playoffs as a Head Coach. He's won Coach of the Year. He comes from an incredible coaching tree.

When he took over for us in 2005, he brought a 42-40 win team to a 50-32 team and eventually a 66-16 team. The Offensive AND Defensive rating rose from 12th and 12th in 2004-05 to 4th and 3rd in 2008-09. Consistency, his defensive philosophy, and his constant improvements to players ensured success. And if you want to give all the credit to His Quitness, look at the rosters from when he was playing for us. Antwan Jamison? Larry Hughes? Eric Snow? Old Ben Wallace and Old Shaq? Few coaches have done more with less.

And when he came back a second time? He brought a 24 win team to a 33 win team with improving the defense from 27th to 19th. His players have said they want him back. They played hard through the end of the season. They didn't 'quit' or 'tune out' their coach. They've gotten better on defense. When the offense is working (ball movement, passing, driving and kicking, passing up decent shots for good shots) the Cavaliers look like a top-tier team. All we have to work on is our Consistency, Effort, and Toughness. This will come with more time in the same system. The Mike Brown system.

The Cavaliers cannot and should not turn into the Cleveland Browns. Firing coaches every other year, especially with players that need time to learn and adapt to the system, will only harm us in the long run. The great teams have consistency in coaching. Players all need to buy into the system. Especially a system that works.

And time and time again, Mike Brown has showed us that his system works.

That's why he deserves the chance to come back next year.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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