Best Coaching Candidates for the Cavs

It's official, everybody. The Cavs are now the Cleveland Browns.

As all of you know, (Or at least should know) Mike Brown has been fired... again. Thus, we move on from one coach to the next with David Griffin being our new GM.

With David Griffin being the new GM, he plans to bring a different approach to how the Cavs should play basketball. He wants to have a more up-tempo, run and gun, fast paced team. This is to be expected because Griffin was with the Suns for seventeen years before coming to the Cavs. Do I want the Cavs to play his style of basketball? Absolutely. This team is made for playing up-tempo with all the young legs they have on the roster.

But the question still remains...who should the Cavs hire as their next head coach? Let's go over our options, shall we?

Adrian Griffin: Griffin is currently with the Bulls assisting Tom Thibodeau. He's bound to know something about defense, and he was even Luol Deng's high school coach.

Vinny Del Negro: Del Negro is also an option. He had success while he was the Clippers' coach. Even though you can say Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were the main reasons why, he still did a good job coaching them to the playoffs, something that not just the Cavs, but the city itself desperately needs.

Kevin Ollie: Because, duh? As UConn's coach in his second season, he already has a national championship. Not to mention he played for the Cavs, as well. The only thing that worries me is we might have to overpay just a bit to make him come to the Cavs.

Lionel Hollins: While I don't see the Cavs going after Hollins, he could be a very good coach for this group of young guys. He's a disciplinarian type of coach, and trust me, he will discipline the Cavs if he does get the job. Wouldn't mind this hire at all.

Steve Kerr: With all due respect to Steve Kerr, what has made him one of the top coaches that you can get when he hasn't even coached a single NBA game yet? Now, don't get me wrong, if he has that triangle offense mastered then we could be talking about a top 5 coach in the league. Still, he remains a risk. NOTE: Hired by the Golden State Warriors.

George Karl: This seems unlikely since Karl wants a front office job instead of a coaching job, but there's always a chance. Karl fits the type of coach David Griffin is talking about in every single way possible. He could instantly turn the Cavs around with his system.

Stan Van Gundy: Another coach that seems unlikely to come here, but I also wouldn't mind this move. He had great success during his time in Orlando, and even took them to the finals once. (The year that the Cavs should have made the finals...) NOTE: Just got hired by the Pistons.

Mike D'Antoni: Call me crazy, but besides Karl, I think D'Antoni would be the best fit for the Cavs. He's pretty much the opposite of Mike Brown, all offense but no defense. While he has had some tough times as a coach, when his system works, it really works. Don't forget he turned Steve Nash into a 2X MVP while being under D'Antoni. Oh, forgot to mention that the MVP's Nash won were back to back, too. If D'Antoni can turn Kyrie into Steve Nash and make him win the MVP, then more power to him.

Mark Jackson: Mark Jackson, probably the biggest fish you can catch right now, is available. Where to start with this...Well, let me just get this out of the way now. Even though I agree that Jackson is a terrific coach, it seems like we would be hiring Mike Brown all over again. Jackson is mainly all about defense and Iso ball. Now, does that sound familiar to you? Would we just be hiring the same coach that we just fired if we did bring in Mark Jackson? No, absolutely not. Let me tell you why. The major difference here is Mark Jackson is a terrific motivator and a great communicator which makes him a players coach. Players can relate to Jackson and because of that, they love him. Mike Brown isn't the greatest communicator in the world if you know what I mean, so there's that.

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