The Cavs, The Draft Lottery, The Constants, The Variables, and The Most Uncomfortably Lucky Situation in the World.

First off, as always, GO CAVS!!



So...the Cavs won the lottery last night. WhooHoo! This is great! Three times in 4 years?!?! Hells yea!

Dial that time machine back, my fellow Langoliers. This is a bad place to be in. Its great, if we get it right, but this can go SO SO SO SO wrong.



This is not just about draft picks and Klay Thompson or Valacuinas over Tristan Thompson. Or Harrison Barnes or Drummond over Waiters. Or even Bennett over Oladipo. No. Its bigger than that.

Floating around with No. 1 picks in the past were fun and games. Pick who you want and hope they pan out. With the two No. 4 picks, grab who you think is best and kick it court-side.

This is completely different.



This No. 1 pick changes everything. Literally. In a draft with Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, and Andrew "Manziel Loves Me" Wiggins...this is big time. But this notion goes past, waaay past, those three players. Its the impact. The possibilities. The scenarios. The traps. The pitfalls. The opportunities.

Its a very, very uncomfortable place to be in. Why?
In the words of Heath Ledgers Joker: " And...Here...We......GO!"



The constants:

Jarrett Jack's Contract.
Earl Clarks Contract.
Dellevadova's Mad Hustle.
No. 1 Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Thats it.

The Variables:
*Why they are variables in parentheses*

Sergey Karasev (Tradable Rookie)
Carrick Felix (Tradable Rookie)
Tristan Thompson (Trade Bait for Love)
Andy Varejao (Expiring Contract Trade Bait)
Anthony Bennett (Unproven Rookie Year Trade Bait)
Dion Waiters (Mismatch with Kyrie Trade Bait)
Kyrie Irving (Uncertainty Contract Extension AFTER draft)
Alonzo Gee ( Trade Bait)
CJ Miles (Trade Bait)
Miami's Last Pick (Trade Bait)
Memphis' Pick. (Trade Bait)
Lol Deng (Unrestricted)
Spencer Hawes (Unrestricted)

You see this? All of those variables can be a great thing... GREAT. But it could be a hot mess waiting to happen.

There are so many things that could happen in the next month in the half. So many good things, so many stable things, so many BAD things.


>>1a: Play the OKC/SA card and BUILD THROUGH THE DRAFT.

Draft Embiid and trust Bennett was a fluke because of off season should surgery, over weight, no summer and mini camp. Roll out:
This option is "Play Who You Draft". Worry about the other stuff later. Stay relatively under the cap. Start 5 top 5 picks and hope they get it and play them, regardless of Kyrie Extension, til the first contract is out the door. Hire a coach who can get the most out of them. (Who knows who)



>>1b. Go with the 44" VERT

Draft Wiggins. Roll out:
Again, play who you draft and hope they figure it out. Let Deng walk. Make some small moves here and there. Sign a coach who could manage it and see what happens til the first contract is out the door.

>>1c. The Safe Pick

Draft Parker and see 1b.



Thats playing it safe. Thats looking at the SA and OKC models. Play who you draft and see what happens.

Now, here comes the, what I like call, "Sub-Variables."

Love's availability.
Lebron's off season.
Carmelo's off season.

All three of the variables above could wreck everything in Cleveland; or save it.

-Do you play it safe or try to jumpstart the franchise and make a massive trade for Love?



-Do you gamble on missing out on a SF in hopes of Lebron/Melo signing?



-Do you gamble on a SF thinking Kyrie will sign an extension KNOWING that weve moved on from Lebron?
-Do you sign the Center and trade other folks in hopes of a Lebron/Melo signing?



-Do you hire a competent coach before making the decision?
-Do you talk to Kyrie?

This is an uncomfortably lucky situation and will shape our franchise for the near future.

My opinion? (Off course its two scenarios)

1. Draft Embiid. See what we can do with Kyrie-Dion-Bennett-TT-Embiid. If you can sign a Melo or Lebron or Deng, so be it. Keep Hawes and Andy. Kyrie may not stick around for this to develop but if he pisses and moans, trade him for talent and move on.
Yes, Embiid is THAT good.



2. Trade pick and Tristan for Love and hope Lebron comes back.

To sum up, for as straightforward as things may seem with the No. 1 Overall pick, the third in 4 years, it's a HUGE conundrum for the Cav's right now. It's like a never ending cycle of starting over. The main problem is that certain players havent had the time to actually develop. Tristan was in the shadows of Kyrie, so he turned out OK but certainly not what you expect from a 4th Pick. Dion is hindered by Kyrie's excellence and clearly he has a problem with it causing locker room conflicts. Now Bennett, with injures and no real playing time in Mike Brown's anemic offense looks terrible but he actually isn't.



So now were back at that spot again. In a tough corner. We draft Joel and he has back issues AT ALL while Wiggins leaps out of the gym, we look stupid. We draft Wiggins and Joel goes off as the next big man and we look incompetent. We draft any one but Jabari and he turns out as pure a scorer as Melo and we look lost.



It's a tough situation, Cav's fans. Our backs are against the wall. Either we throw caution to the wind and "Build Through The Draft" or we go for a "Splash" to show were serious now. the ramifications are endless.

And then there's the coaching problem...but that's another day.

A Parker once said: "With great Power Comes Great Responsibility". (And not Jabari)

Cavaliers, you're up.





This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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