Ripples of the Lottery

Some off the cuff thoughts about the non-Cavs teams and the effects of the lottery.

Pick #2- The Bucks- If the Cavs pass on Embiid the Bucks will likely be putting Sanders on the trading block. Their future looks strangely bright after a disastrous year. They found a solid and cheap PG in Knight, have Giannis and his hot air balloon upside, and have Henson for the PF spot. While they have obvious needs they can possibly fill those Embiid and then a return on shipping out Sanders (and possibly Ilyasova). They could be a year away from fielding a strong starting 5.

Pick #3- The 76ers. Needs everywhere, right? Parker would make Young expendable, MCW is an NBA talent, but is he a Rubio- not able to correct his biggest flaws type talent or a Waiters type who will dedicate himself to fixing one thing in the off season? Either way he is good enough and young enough to go forward with him at PG, and with Noel, Parker, Young, tons of cap space and pick #10 they have assets to arrange this team going forward. A push in 2014 is unlikely since they owe Boston their 2015 1sst if they make the playoffs but it reverts to 2nd rounders if they don't and their team is extremely young and investing now might just lead to misplaced expectations as they develop. Most likely they will try to land other young players/picks by taking on bad contracts and adding one of their many 2nd rounders.

Pick #4- The Magic- Tons of cap space if they want it, solid players at the 2,3, 4 and 5 slots right now, but lack a star or even a guy likely to be a star. They have 3 extra 1sts including the #12 this year. Can they put together a package for a stud based on the #12, Harkless, Harris and future picks without giving up the #4? They could try to transform their team this year with a massive offer for Love (or insert rumored player X) and still have cap space over to land a PG.

Pick #5- The Jazz. Kanter's regression this year is a huge problem for them going forward, but they have Gobert in the wings and Enes still has potential and OK offensive production. Realistically they still need another year or two to figure out where they stand at center. Burke, Burks, Favors and Hayward aren't going to carry you into the playoffs themselves anytime soon but they could be a solid group to surround a stud with. As always landing the stud is tough, I expect them to be panning on another lottery trip next year.

Pick #6- The Celtics. Up to 5 extra 1st round picks by 2018 PLUS the ability to swap with BRK in 2017. If the Nets fall apart they have an insanely bright future, if not then none of those picks will be in the lottery (and one might turn into a couple of 2nds). A bunch of role players, a bunch of late 1sts and Rondo (who did not look like the pre injury Rondo of last year) and this team needs to get creative, but this year is probably not the year. Wait it out, add another top 8 pick next season when Wallace's contract comes off the books and listen to offers for Rajon.

Pick #7- The Lakers. Didn't matter what pick they got, their plan shouldn't change. Take BPA and use your market and history to lure FAs. Trying to trade the pick would show impatience.

Pick #8- The Kings. Reported to have put the #8 pick up for grabs the moment they were awarded it. With 3 offensive players in Gay, Cousins and (maybe) Thomas they should be looking for defense. In terms of fit a trade with the Bucks for Sanders makes a lot of sense. In terms of having Sanders in Sacramento with Cousins a trade for Sanders makes a lot of sense.... for those of us that like to watch things burn.

Pick #9- The Hornets. A top 10 defense and a bottom 10 offense pushed them into the playoffs. It will be interesting to see how they view their future. Jefferson is turning 30 and has a player option for 2015, could one solid offensive player turn them from a surprise playoff team to a contender? Could they package the #9 pick with a couple of their recent, high draft picks and make a play for Love? Will they be satisfied to make the pick and bank on their youth and development? I think other than a Love move the smart money is giving Zeller and MKG another year and see if they can grow into a top 20 offense while keeping a strong defense.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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