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So i was reading through comments and i see alot of people comparing Wiggins to guys like Vince and Tmac. I caught myself wondering if he could end up being an athletically souped up version of another NBA player, Kawhi Leonard. Hear me out on this. There are some similarities between the two when you compare AW to when Kawhi came out. Of course i love me some San Antonio when they play anyone other than the cavs( 2007 was painful) and i have something of a man crush on Leonard.

Physical Similarites

Kawhi came into the league standing 6'7" in shoes weighing 227 (230 is what he is listed at now)lbs with a freakish 7'3" wingspan with a max vert of 32". Meanwhile Mr. Wiggins comes in standing 6'8" in shoes weighing 197 lbs with a 7' wingspan with a 44" vertical. While Kawhi has the 3" reach and 30 lbs advantage, AW is 3 years younger and already more athletic than KL when he came out. AW frame is kind of narrow but there is no reason to think that he cant put on 20-25 lbs with three years of growth and working with NBA trainers ( another 19 y/o stick figure named durant entered the league listed 215 and is now listed at 240 per draftexpress and respectively). KL and AW were both said to have a great second bounce. In todays NBA with so many teams going small with his athleticism AW should be able to slide over and play a small ball 4 for stretches provided he puts on that weight/strength. You know kind of how Pop does with that Leonard guy.

Similarities in game

His jumper isnt great and needs work, average handle, some trouble finishing at the rim, doesnt have a go to move or skill set, willing to defer to the point of being passive. These all sound familiar right? These are alot of the things said about KL on offense in 2011. Ill get to why i dont think this is going to be a problem for Wiggins either. AW is already beasty in transition and although when KL came out his transition game was in question (san diego state was 301 out of 345 in pace that year) his time with the spurs shows this is not an issue. Most important to the Cavs, like KL, Wiggins can play without the ball.

Do i really need to say anything about these two on D? Kawhi is a beast, Wiggins is going to be good day one and with experience will gain beast mode status as well. If hes doesnt ill sit down and watch the every season of The Nanny in one sitting. Moving on.

The most important similarity between these two (and is the one of two reasons i believe AW is best for CLE) is that they are both coachable. They both come off as team first guys on O that want to make the right play as opposed to just wanting to pad stats. Jrow called it "the lebron effect". That makes a lot of sense. Truth told as much as #6 grinds my gears, if thats becoming a trend well i guess hes got that going for him, which is nice. Coach Self has came out and talked about how coachable AW is which seems to jive with his rep. Kawhi Leonard got a tick under 25 minutes a game playing for Pop as a rookie. That doesnt happen if you are a bonehead that wont be coached. KL is a gym rat, and from what ive read about AW he's one also. Which is why im not worried about AW's jumper. That coachability is also the reason i think AW will be more like KL and less like this guy

There are a few differences

The two of them have some differences. AW should be OK on the boards(avg bout 6 at KU) although im not sure about his hand size, but he's not going to be on KW's level. Kawhi is pretty solid in the post for a 3, i havent heard about or seen any of that from wiggins at all. I do question if AW will end up as strong as KL. Of course as athletic as KL is, he doesnt hold a candle to AW explosiveness. The biggest difference between the two though, is KL has Pop to help him develop and AW wont.

In Closing

The Cavs should take Wiggins. We have talked about wanting a 3 that can/willing to play without the ball and will lock down the other teams best player(that fit thing we keep talking about). KL does all of those things. I think AW can be an athletically supercharged version of that guy. He doesnt have a stress fracture in his back either, so there is that. If it wasn't for that stress fracture ID be about embiid, it would be classic Cleveland for that to derail his career. Thats all i got, what did you think i got right, what do you think i got wrong.

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