What does FTS think about Anthony Bennett right now?

Hey, Sixers fan here. I came here to get a more "extensive" look at how you guys feel about Bennett as a player. My cousin (Savon Goodman) played with him at UNLV, and I always watched their games. I wasn't surprised at all when he went #1 in the draft, seeing his scoring versatility, rebounding, athleticism and wingspan regularly. I also wasn't too surprised to see him struggling early on, considering everything he went through after his season ended but that's for another day.

So since I'm too cheap to buy league pass (times are hard), I couldn't really see anything he's done while on the Cavs. I was pretty upset that they favored Thompson over him, mostly because he obviously needs lots of PT and his upside is WAY higher, imho ofcourse. Don't really think he's a combo forward, well I kinda came here to ask that and a few things because those dawk ins videos (RIP) just didn't tell enough, and those Drama Express, I mean Draft Express video's are designed to make you love a player and then hate him when you roll around to the weaknesses part, and the music doesn't help at all. So Here we go.

1) IS he a 3/4, or strictly a 4? Does he have the strength to defend NBA 4's? Is he too short? How did he apply his wingspan on both ends?

2) How was his post game? In college, players would bounce off him in the post a la D Howard, but I didn't see him really getting those touches in the highlight vids. Educate me.

3) Did his J begin to fall once he got into a rhythm, around January? I saw him hit a few mid and long range J's. After seeing him get ridiculously HAWT vs the Magic in the preseason against an ideal defender, I got really high on him. Was that a fluke?

4) Who is he as a player, does he still have that upside, and who do YOU think you'll become?

Next line of business is, do you guys think he'll be traded? We have a young (25) versatile wing in Thad Young, who'll most likely be traded this offseason. I heard you guys need a wing :). And I'd prefer if we got a prospect who needs PT, while offering that same versatility in return for Thad. After seeing Bennett do that vs the Magic, I am still really high on em, and I think a season of being a primary offensive option and getting mad time with a pass first PG (ROY MC-Dub) would at least give him the opportunity to show who he is, rather than getting very little PT behind TT. Of course, there would have to be more involved in the Thad trade for salary reasons and value implications.

So I guess the last question is, would you move Bennett to get Thad Young? And if so, what would the deal look like if you had your say so? Here's my deal, there would have to be some future 2nd's coming from Cleveland but I think this is fair.

Anyways, for those who took time to read this, thanks! Please, leave some comments below sharing your thoughts and answering my q's. Preciate it bro's.

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