Breakdown of Cavs Coaching Prospects

The Cavs have a lot going on right now. They have the #1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, a brand new GM in David Griffin, a plan to offer Kyrie Irving a max extension, and possibly most importantly, they are in need of a new head coach. Although winning a championship relies heavily on the talent of the roster, a huge piece of that is the head coach. The best coaches make the most out of their roster, as very evident in coaches like Greg Popovich and Tom Thibodeau. The new head coach the Cavs select will be in charge of developing the good young core that shapes our roster, along with getting the Cavs to the playoffs, starting now. Here's a breakdown of my favorite head coach candidates (in no particular order).

David Blatt:

David Blatt is a name that just came to the attention of NBA fans within the last week. He has won multiple European championships of recent, and as of today, he announced that he is leaving Europe for the NBA, however that destination is unkown. There is a very good post going into extensive detail of david blatt in another fanpost: David Blatt, NBA Coach?, but I will highlight a few of the things people like about him. He is a very well spoken person, and you can tell he is a very intelligent basketball mind. There is a very good press conference he did after they won the Euroleague championship, and I like everything he said. He took a team that was "less talented" and won against the two best teams in the Euroleague en route to the championship. He's is very well respected by his players, which is key, and from everything I've read he's a very good X's and O's guy. For more in depth information, go to the other fan post. Ultimately, despite the fact that I think he would do a good job as an NBA coach/Cavs head coach, I don't think he will wind up with Cleveland. I see him ending up alongside Kerr in GS. Gilbert is so interested in a big name, and I don't see the Cavs risking it on a guy that has yet to coach the NBA at any level. If somehow we convinced him to come as an assistant coach, that'd be fantastic.

Adrian Griffin:

Adrian Griffin is a guy I really like. He is a young guy, who is a former player in the NBA. As recent history has shown us, former NBA players are good with connected with their players, since they can relate to them so much. Adrian Griffin is currently the Assistant Coach of the Chicago Bulls, under one of the best coaches in the league in Tom Thibodeau. He also also worked under Scott Skiles. I think Griffin can bring a lot to our team. In working under Thibs, he has had a chance to learn how to coach defense to the highest degree. He'd be a defensive-minded coach, with more offensive openness than Mike Brown. He'd also be a great fit with a young core, as young players need a coach they can respect and trust. Overall, I'd be extremely pleased if Griffin became the head Coach of the Cavs.

Alvin Gentry:

Alvin Gentry is a former NBA head coach, who is currently an assistant for the Clippers. He has a 335-370 (.475) record as a head coach, and has only brought his teams to the playoffs twice. He has worked alongside Pop, Larry Brown, Doc Rivers, D'Antoni, and others, so I'm sure he's learned a lot form some great coaches. He's known for getting his players to be active on the defensive end, while having an offense somewhat similar to D'Antoni's. The cavs are probably interested in him because of his defensive coaching abilities, the fact that he's worked alongside some great point guards in Steve Nash and Chris Paul, and that he has ties to David Griffin in his . His second interview with the Cavs is Friday. In the end, I'd be pretty disappointed if we hired Gentry. He's not proven as a head coach, and mainly I think there are better coaching options out there.

George Karl:

I was going to go into more detail, but Mike did a good job in giving insight to George Karl yesterday. He is by far the most proven coach that has been tied to the Cavs, and he has been openly intersted about the position. It is unsure how intersted in him the Cavs are, however. Read Mike's post for more information, but I will say this: people worry about the fact that he gets knocked out of the first round a lot. Yes, that's true, but he also takes his teams to the playoffs pretty much every year, and the most talented teams he's had in Gary Payton's Sonics, and Melo's Nuggets, he's taken to the Finals, and WCF, respectively. He's personally my top choice, and I think he'd be great in working with Kyrie and drawing free agents in.

Mark Jackson:

Mark Jackson is a name that surfaced today for the Cavaliers. He was fired this season after rebuilding the Warriors, and improving their record each year since his first year as coach. He was fired because the Warriors thought he wasn't the right coach for leading his players to a championship. I personally like Jackson, however I know a lot of Cavs fans don't want him. He is a good offensive mind, works very well with his players (was a former player himself), and did a great job in developing Curry/Thompson. I would be happy if we ended up with Jackson, although I don't see it very likely. I think the front office is more interested in other prospects.

The cavs are in a pretty good position, as they have a lot of better coaching prospects than years in the past. Brown proved to be a dumb rehire, and I'm still curious as to what Byron Scott would've done if given another year. I believe whatever coach we hire this year will be better than the last two. If I had to rank them it would be 1. Karl, 2. Griffin, 3. Blatt. The cavs will be undoubtedly a better team due to a new coach, and the #1 pick. Hopefully further development of our young core will continue to improve the team a fair amount as well.

Other Coaching Candidates:

Mark Price - Former Cavs player. Loved by the fans. I don't see him becoming the head coach, however.

Tyronn Lue - Another Clippers assistant. 2nd Interview this week, I hope he does not become the coach of the Cavs.

Thanks to all who read this, this was my first fan post. Feel free to give feedback on how I did. Obviously feel free to argue about who you think would be the best coach.

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