If we draft Embiid, then what?

At some point in time, we need to talk about Pick #33. Might as well be now.

The Cavs essentially have two glaring holes on their roster. Center and Small Forward. So, assuming that we do draft Embiid, how do we go on filling our hole at the 3?

For this exercise, let's assume that Hayward, Parsons and Ariza are all retained by last year's respective teams. We are going to want to draft a SF that can (hopefully) play defense and shoot the ball with some semblance of accuracy.

So, I tried to think of prospects who could still be there at 33 (so no Dario Saric or Dougie.) For this, I've perused 6 different mock drafts.

Glenn Robinson III - Based on the mock drafts, it's about a 50/50 shot that he falls out of the 1st round. I've seen him drafted as high as 20. He was 6'7 and 211lbs at the combine with a 6'10 wingspan and had a 36.5" no-step vertical. Those aren't horrific. Statistically, he took a step back in production this year from his freshman year, but most agree that the loss of Trey Burke hurt him. He's not really built to be his own creator, but would fit in quite nicely next to both Kyrie and Dion (who are both capable of initiating offense.) With Burke, nearly 57% of his points came in transition, off of cuts and on putbacks. He was basically hyper-efficient with a legit PG. That dropped to 36.8% this last season when he was asked to create more for himself (and others.) According to Draft Express, he's got all the tools to be a legit defender, though he sometimes lacks toughness. He'll also need to improve as a shooter, but he does have an NBA Pedigree (if you haven't seen his dad missed out. He was pretty good.) If he manages to fall to us and we did draft Embiid, this might be my number one guy to take.

KJ McDaniels is not expected to escape the bottom of the first round...most of the outlets don't have him getting to 25. However, I did see one where he was picked at 31...and that gives me hope. As a fan of Believeland, hope is always eternal. He was only measured at 6'6 and weighed 196lbs at the combine, but he did have a 6'11.25" reach and a 37" max vertical. His length gives him quite an advantage on defense...and it showed last year as he had 3.3 blocks per 40 from the SF position. Some have said he's the 2nd most explosive SF behind only Andrew Wiggins (though he is clearly behind Andrew Wiggins.) Like Glenn (and Wiggins), he is not going to be creating for himself (though, again, it won't be as necessary on this team) or others. It's weird that he's such an inconsistent jump shooter because he hit 87% of his Free throws (which shows serious promise as a 3nD guy.) He also needs to speed up his shot (or he'll get rejected a lot at the next level.) He's raw, but if you can get him in the 2nd round, that's alright. His physical tools are present.

Jerami Grant is almost assured to be picked in the 1st round as there wasn't a single mock draft (that I could find) that had him in the 2nd. At nearly 6'8 with a near 7'3 wingspan and impressive athleticism, it's no wonder why. However, the main reason for him dropping this far...he might be more raw than KJ McDaniels. He'll also need to work on NBA Man-Defense...because he's from Dion's college. His jump shot is yuck...but he has a variety of ways to finish near the rim. Right now, he's a high energy guy (like Anderson Varejao in his younger days) but in a much smaller and more mobile body. It wouldn't completely surprise me to see him drop into the 2nd round...but if he does and either McDaniels or Robinson are there, I'm ignoring Grant.

DeAndre Daniels might not be good enough for our 2nd round pick...but he's the closest I could find to that spot that wasn't listed as a 1st rounder somewhere. He's got he requisite size (6'8.5", 7'2" wingspan) and he knocked down 42% of his 3's his Junior year (which was a big jump up from previous years.) He doesn't possess a good handle or elite athleticism though...and this is probably one of the biggest reasons why he is dropping. He needs to get stronger if he's going to play much in the NBA. He's struggled with consistency (on both sides of the court)...and that's hurt him. There's hope for him as a legit 3 and D guy, but that does appear to be his ceiling in the NBA...and it doesn't appear to be a really good 3 or D in either case.

Cleanthony Early is a guy who's name I absolutely detest. LOL At 6'7 and 209lbs with a near 6'11 wingpan and a 40" max vertical, he passes the eyeball test as a future SF in the Association. He's also a pretty good shooter with a 48.7/37.6/84.2 statline (and the sample size was good for his 3's). This is a guy that is all over the place on draft boards. I've seen him as high as 17 and as low as 34. His 64% TS was good for 7th amongst the Draft Express Top-100 players. So why do some groups not have him as a first round pick? For some, he's been given the dreaded "tweener" label. He doesn't have a good handle, and there are question marks as to whether he has the lateral quickness to guard SF at the NBA level. If he can't, he is definitely too small to play PF. He's also not exactly young for a draftee (23)

Ultimately, this is probably the order that I'd want them in (if all 5 were on the board.) The Top 2 were pretty easy for me. Grant, DeAndre and Early though, were a bit more problematic for me to place. If Early isn't a tweener and can actually guard the SF position at all, I probably place him at 3rd (despite his age) Grant gets the edge over DeAndre because I want wing defense more than I want wing shooting and I like his motor. This is just a personal preference. I wouldn't begrudge those who swapped them out.

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