Cavaliers Links Roundup: David Blatt's interview, Mark Price's chances, conflicting reports on Joel Embiid's health, and more

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An offseason guide to what people elsewhere on the internet are saying about the Cavs.

The 2013-2014 NBA season has reached its conclusion, and the San Antonio Spurs are the champs. The Miami Heat went down with a whimper last night, which means that we all better get ready for a ton of speculation about the future of LeBron James over the next few weeks. It will be annoying at times, but let's try to enjoy the summer. We also have a new coach and the NBA Draft to look forward to.

According to Woj, the Cleveland Cavaliers will interview David Blatt on Wednesday. He said that they have it down to three guys, but Dan Gilbert might still have bigger ideas:

"Cleveland has narrowed its known field to three candidates, including Los Angeles Clippers assistant coaches Alvin Gentry and Tyronn Lue, but owner Dan Gilbert has continued to pursue high-profile college candidates in a far less public, far more clandestine process, sources said."

In addition to Blatt, Lue, and Gentry, Terry Pluto added a fourth name back into the mix:

"What about Mark Price? They did talk to their former star point guard. He would be considered the fourth candidate, with the team doing more research. This much is certain: The Cavs want a coach who is very strong working with point guards. It's a top priority. That is how Price came into the mix."

According to Chad Ford, the Bucks are planning to hold workouts with all of the top draft prospects, including Joel Embiid. This obviously means that the Cavs have yet to give Embiid any assurances that he will be the top pick.

Brendan Bowers made a strong case for Embiid last week:

"Embiid will help erase the defensive mistakes made by Irving, Waiters and others on the perimeter. With an elite shot-blocker anchoring the paint, the Cavs guards can now afford to survive as average defenders. Any improvement from there on the perimeter is a bonus. An athletically commanding paint-presence would close the turnstyle-defense that doubled as a glorified layup line for the last four years. Embiid can be that presence."

As for how Embiid's visit with the Cavs went, well, it depends on who you ask:

The Plain Dealer's Mary Schmitt Boyer thinks that Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green would be too much for the Boston Celtics to give up in a hypothetical trade for Kyrie Irving. I... do not agree with that assessment.

And finally, if you like podcasts, check out Ben Cox on WFNY's with Craig Lyndall.

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