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Andy Lyons

So after an overwhelming response in the poll in the previous thread, I think it is clear many people would like to continue on this after a success last year. I propose that we set it up and run it just like we had last year. Everyone can pick a team in the comments of this post, if we get too many we can split up teams with multiple picks for multiple people. For trades, that can be up to all of you. It does make it somewhat more difficult but also does make it more fun and easier to make your team the way you want it. Also like last year, I am going to throw out the day of Monday 23, at 7:30 est for the actual draft. Last year (I looked back) we held it on the Monday of draft week so instead of pulling a date out of nowhere I kept it with that. Again, if many of you think we should do another day let in known in the comment section. For the draft each pick can go in the Subject Line or in Bold and we all just need to make sure we move along with picks promptly. Basically, lets do what we did last year and this should all work out well.

1 Orlando (TroyDenston12)

2 Utah Jazz (Hugh Parent)

3 Philadelphia 76ers (S.C.)

4 Orlando Magic (TroyDenston12)

5 Milwaukee Bucks (DnY)

6 Cavs (Cousin_Drew)

7 Los Angeles Lakers (Nicholee)

8 Orlando (TroyDenston12)

9 Charlotte Hornets (gazeller)

10 Philadelphia 76ers (S.C.)

11 Denver Nuggets (Alex11)

12 Boston (CAVS&CAVSNOT)

13 Minnesota Timberwolves (BelievelandFan)

14 Phoenix Suns (Eraulli)

15 Atlanta Hawks (saintweirdo3)

16 Chicago Bulls (JWR11)

17 Suns (Eraulli)

18 Phoenix Suns (Eraulli)

19 Chicago Bulls (JWR11)

20 Toronto Raptors (hoover75)

21 Oklahoma City Thunder (CavFanPR)

22 Memphis Grizzlies (im-twitch-fool!)

23 Milwaukee Bucks (DnY)

24 Charlotte Hornets (gazeller)

25 Houston Rockets (jonathan.power)

26 Miami Heat (clevyxc)

27 Phoenix Suns (Eraulli)

28 Los Angeles Clippers (ZMaria_00)

29 Oklahoma City Thunder (John.Cougar.MellenCAVS)

30 San Antonio Spurs (RoyistheBoy)

Not represented in 1st round picks:

-Pistons (shutupandjam)

-Pacers (drieva)




-Trailblazers (Greg"TheDropper"Little)

Here is a link to the full order
So everyone comment with your pick of team, first come first serve, and try to read the comments quickly to make sure nobody doubles down off the bat. Good luck to everyone, have fun with this, and lets hope it all works out!


1.To Orlando-Brandon Bass and #6 / To Boston- Afflalo and #12

2.To Orlando- #8 / To Sactown- Tobias Harris, and Future first top 3 protected

3.To the Suns- #17 and Gerald Wallace / To the Celtics-#50

4.To Houston- Steve Novak, and The rights to Patrick Patterson, and Grev Vasquez / To Toronto- Omer Asik, and the #42 overall pick

5.To Orlando- #1 / To the Cavs -Nik Vucevic, #6 and 2017 unprotected first

6.To Utah- #2 / To Bucks- #5 #23 Alec Burks

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