LeBron James to Cleveland and Chris Bosh to Dallas

It is time for Decision 2.0. Will LeBron James return to Cleveland in the summer of 2014 ? What is the future of the big three in Miami ? Will they be broken up ? What is the best destination for Chris Bosh at age 30 ?


First, let us review "the decision" by LeBron James to leave Cleveland in the summer of 2010. While "the decision" was painful for Cleveland basketball fans, time has proven that LeBron James made a good basketball decision. LeBron James wants to compete for NBA championships. In Miami, LeBron was able to go to the NBA finals for four straight years winning two titles. After game 5 of the 2014 NBA finals, LeBron mentioned that while it would have been nice to win four titles, he is happy to have won those two NBA championships. However, LeBron wants to compete for more championships. Will Miami give him the best chance to do that with an aging Dwyane Wade and salary cap issues ?


Is the Miami Heat in decline ? In order for the "big three" to have an opportunity to win the NBA title in 2015, Dwyane Wade needs to play at an all-star level. He missed 28 games this year and averaged a career low 32 minutes per game. This year, LeBron James played nearly 1,300 more minutes than Dwyane Wade. In the 2014 NBA finals, the Miami Heat resembled the old Cleveland Cavalier teams when LeBron had little support from his teammates during the playoffs. LeBron gave his best effort in game 5 scoring 17 points in the first quarter giving Miami a 22-6 lead. However, this did not inspire his teammates to win the game. Chris Bosh only had 13 points and Dwyane Wade only had 11. No other Heat player scored in double figures. Furthermore, in games 4 and 5, Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs scored more points than Dwyane Wade. After the game 5 defeat, LeBron James was clearly disappointed. When he walked back to his locker room after the game, his demeanor looked the same way he did after frustrating playoff losses to the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic when he played for Cleveland.

To make matters worse, if the big three "opt in' they will be making more than $60 million dollars and there will be little salary cap room to improve the team. How is it possible that the Miami Heat can assemble a team next year that can beat the representative in the Western conference ? Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Miami will be able to beat either the Chicago Bulls or the Indiana Pacers next year to reach the NBA finals. In analyzing Miami's situation, the national sports media seems to be ignoring the obvious, "The emperor has no clothes".


LeBron James will make the best basketball decision for his future. At 29 years of age, LeBron is mature in his thinking. He will make a rational decision. What will be that decision ? The obvious decision will be to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The national media will not admit it but it is the truth. LeBron will realize it also within the next few weeks. After this year's draft, Cleveland will have eight first round draft picks on their roster. They are young and talented and will only get better. LeBron James has never played with an all-star point guard. Coming to Cleveland, he will be able to do so playing with Kyrie Irving. In Cleveland, LeBron will have a better supporting cast than he ever did in his first seven years in Cleveland. It is possible that Cleveland will choose to pick Joel Embiid for their #1 pick. In a short time, he could become the best center in the Eastern Conference. Dion Waiters averaged around 16 points per game. Triston Thompson, Anderson Varejao and Anthony Bennett will provide additional help. With this team, LeBron won't have to carry the offensive load every night. He can be a veteran leader and teach his young and talented supporting cast how to win a NBA championship. LeBron will be welcomed back if he decides to return to Cleveland. He can correct the error in judgment in the manner in which he chose to leave Cleveland in 2010. If LeBron James can win an NBA championship for Cleveland, he will be a hero in Cleveland for life. Also, he can be regarded as one of the greatest NBA players in history by "earning" his NBA championship that comes with a difficult challenge rather than merely teaming up with some of the best basketball players in the NBA. Charles Barkley was right, LeBron James needs to come to Cleveland. This is the best decision for his career and his reputation. In fact, Newsweek and Forbes magazine wrote articles saying the same thing. With LeBron James and Johnny Manziel, Cleveland sports will never be the same.


In last four years, Chris Bosh has had to accept a secondary role when he has been in the prime of his career. With Toronto, he averaged nearly 20 points per game and 10 rebounds. This past year for Miami, he averaged nearly 16 points per game and 6.6 rebounds. With a declining Dwyane Wade, with salary cap issues, with questions whether Miami can return to the NBA finals in 2015 and beat the Western conference representative, what would be the best option for Chris Bosh ?

Chris Bosh was born in the Dallas, TX area. He is 30 years of age. Would Chris Bosh want to play his remaining years in the league in his home town and play a greater role for his team than he does in Miami ? Dallas has the salary cap to sign Chris Bosh. Dirk Nowitzki is willing to take a pay cut to remain with the Dallas Mavericks and play with a championship caliber team. Chris and Dirk would have an excellent supporting cast headed by Monte Ellis and Jose Calderon. It seems too logical to ignore.


Instead of admitting that the "emperor has no clothes" (the Miami Heat is in decline and salary cap issues will hinder their ability to compete in the future) the national sports media is ignoring the obvious destinations for LeBron and Chris Bosh mainly because they refuse to give Cleveland any respect. However, in this case, reason will prevail. Because LeBron knows that Cleveland will be the best place to finish his career with an all-star point guard Kyrie Irving and other promising young and talented players, he will choose to return to Cleveland. When he does, Chris Bosh will decide to play for his home town team also, the Dallas Mavericks.

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