Community Mock Draft 2014 Draft Night Thread

Here's the thread we will be using to draft. BelievelandFan couldn't set it up because he's on mobile, so I decided to help him out. Draft set to start at 7:30 ET. Below are the draft order and current trades:

1 Orlando (TroyDenston12)

2 Utah Jazz (Hugh Parent)

3 Philadelphia 76ers (S.C.)

4 Orlando Magic (TroyDenston12)

5 Milwaukee Bucks (DnY)

6 Cavs (Cousin_Drew)

7 Los Angeles Lakers (Nicholee)

8 Orlando (TroyDenston12)

9 Charlotte Hornets (gazeller)

10 Philadelphia 76ers (S.C.)

11 Denver Nuggets (Alex11)

12 Boston (CAVS&CAVSNOT)

13 Minnesota Timberwolves (BelievelandFan)

14 Phoenix Suns (Eraulli)

15 Atlanta Hawks (saintweirdo3)

16 Chicago Bulls (JWR11)

17 Suns (Eraulli)

18 Phoenix Suns (Eraulli)

19 Chicago Bulls (JWR11)

20 Toronto Raptors (hoover75)

21 Oklahoma City Thunder (CavFanPR)

22 Memphis Grizzlies (im-twitch-fool!)

23 76ers (S.C)

24 Charlotte Hornets (gazeller)

25 Houston Rockets (jonathan.power)

26 Miami Heat (clevyxc)

27 Phoenix Suns (Eraulli)

28 Los Angeles Clippers (ZMaria_00)

29 Oklahoma City Thunder (John.Cougar.MellenCAVS)

30 San Antonio Spurs (RoyistheBoy)

Not represented in 1st round picks:

-Pistons (shutupandjam)

-Pacers (drieva)




-Trailblazers (Greg"TheDropper"Little)

Full Draft Order


1.To Orlando-Brandon Bass and #6 / To Boston- Afflalo and #12

2.To Orlando- #8 / To Sactown- Tobias Harris, and Future first top 3 protected

3.To the Suns- #17 and Gerald Wallace / To the Celtics-#50

4.To Houston- Steve Novak, and The rights to Patrick Patterson, and Grev Vasquez / To Toronto- Omer Asik, and the #42 overall pick

5.To Orlando- #1 / To the Cavs -Nik Vucevic, #6 and 2017 unprotected first

6.To Utah- #2 / To Bucks- #5 #23 Alec Burks

7. Portland receive: Danny Granger/Darren Collison/Reggie Bullock and a future first rounder (top 10 protected)
Clippers receive: Wesly Matthews/Thomas Robinson/Will Barton and a 2017 second rounder

8. Nuggets receive: JJ Reddick/Matt Barnes
Clippers receive: Danillo Gallinari/Evan Fournier, and the 56th pick.

9. To Minnesota #12, Unprotected 2015 Boston first round pick, Aaron Afflalo, Sullinger, and a $5 million Trade exception from the Paul Pierce dea.l the 2015 Philly pick (1st rounder if they make the playoffs, 2nd rounder and a 2016 second rounder if they are in the lottery) and Believelands choice of the 2015 Clippers pick or the 2016 Nets pick.

To Boston-Love and Budinger.

10. To Orlando -#47. To Sixers- 2015 2nd Rounder

11. To Bucks - Michael Carter Williams To Sixers - OJ Mayo, #23

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