Jazz Trading for #1 Pick

I don't want to say I called it, but I called it. In my previous post I talked about a similar deal I would do involving #5 & Favors.

The reported deal that is out there is:

#5, C Derrick Favors 23, Sg Alec Burks 23 and or #23 for #1 and Jack

That is extremely good value for #1, It is giving a young rim protector, a young guard who began to take off last year, and the #5, and #23 pick in a deep draft. This gives us more assets to go and make another deal involving a Waiters, Bennett or Thompson and the worst case is you come away with either Embiid, Exum, Vonleh, or Randle. We also dump Jack's contract as a bonus. It comes down to how much you value Parker and Wiggins, I personally would take the deal.

Alec Burks Per 36: 17.9 Pts 4.2 Rbs 3.5 Asst

Derrick Favors Per 36: 15.9 Pts 10.4 Rbs 1.5 Asst 1.8 Blks

First, Jabari the dough boy, who I actually really like as a fit. Offensively he is going to get you twenty a night, and he can play the three in the NBA, position wise he is Carmelo, I don't know why everyone is pigeon holing him as a four, I see it in stretches and mismatch situations, but not for his concrete position, he is "3" bottom line. It really doesn't matter where you play him, he can't guard anyone regardless, so it is a moot point. But despite the defense he is a mortal lock to win Rookie of the year, so gun to my head I am picking Parker because I know I am getting an intelligent, bonafide scorer who you can go to with the shot clock running down, only a handful of those guys in the league. He will never be a good defender, but can be a face of franchise pillar, passing on him is the tougher pill to swallow for me.

As far as Wiggins, I give him a 15% chance of being transcendent, 20 % chance of being a more team oriented version of T-Mac, 50% chance of being close to or an exact clone of Paul George, and a 15% chance of being what the ceiling was thought to be of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He will never be the #1 option IMO, and it will take at least three years for him to develop go-to moves and improve his subpar handles. So you are investing a lot of time in a guy who will most likely be Paul George. Also wing defenders are a little overrated in the NBA, whereas rim protectors are much more valuable to team defense, so the #1 pick will be a lockdown guy who gets a majority of his buckets using elite athleticism in transition and second chance opportunities. I don't know about that.

For the overall structure of the team the trade is better than taking Parker or Wiggins. Favors will be making what Thompson is going to command next off-season, we must deal Tristan Asap, good kid but I would die before I would pay him 10 Mil plus per season, so in that regards Favors is a tremendous value. Also Burks is coming into his own and is probably a better "fit" next to Kyrie than Waiters who can also be flipped now, tough for me because I love Dion's mentality but when you add in #5, #23 and the options it creates it is just too much to pass up.

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