Dan Gilbert Is....



Well, he's certainly not how the media portrays him. Actually, he kind of is, but not in a negative connotation. Here's how I see it. If the media was given the following choices to make for Danny's personality, which would they choose?

A. Demanding

B. Passionate

C. Extravagant

D. Impulsive

Typically, "D" makes for the best story. Oh what's that? Gilbert wrote a LeBron hate letter? He fired his head coach after one season? He's doing David Griffin's job again?

The main reason these are newsworthy stories? The so called "Cleveland Reputation." It's not just Gilbert. It's Kyrie and his camp. It's Dion and his chemistry issues. It's Bynum and his negative influence. It's the constant reminder that LeBron left Cleveland, and the never ending rumors of his return. Frankly, it can sometimes be exhausting being a Cleveland fan.

But it is absolutely bogus to pin this "bad rep" on Gilbert. If anything, he possesses the qualities and opportunity as Cavs owner to begin changing perspective. And he's already begun to do so.

The media should be highlighting Mr. Gilbert's desire to do whatever it takes to change the culture of this team.

The Coach?

This includes dumping Mike Brown and his $20 million contract for $60 million of David Blatt and Tyronn Lue. I have not heard a negative thing about Blatt with the exception of his transition from Euro-league to the NBA. The head coaching decision came down to the two of them. So Gilbert made sure they got their second head coaching choice anyways. This is a HUGE step in the right direction for the Cavs; the world just witnessed how important coaching can be when the Spurs wiped the floor with the Heat. Blatt also seems to be commonly compared to Poppovich (this fanpost from ZMaria_00 is a must read) while Lue has has experience under Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson. Sounds pretty darn promising to me. Thanks Gilbert.

The GM?

Apparently, Chris Grant is known as a buffoon around the league (curious that Windhorst's sources seemed to disappear after CG left...), and his drafting via analytics has put the Cavs in a frontcourt logjam with two ballhogs (although Dion is amazing). While he was celebrated at the time for doing it, I questioned the Bynum signing due to his offcourt oncourt all-around issues. While it did net us Deng, it turned out that he had a poor influence on the young guys and was causing issues; it got so bad, they had to dump him mid-season. While big men are valuable, CG had to know what he was risking with bringing Bynum in. Then, Deng comes to save the day.....erm kind of, not really. CG is fired, interim GM David Griffin replaces him, and suddenly the Cavs are somehow back in the playoff hunt. I can't really justify that as coincidence (it was probably Hawes being awesome). It also seems that Griffin is widely respected by players and front offices. Moving in the right direction. Thanks Gilbert.

The Players?

This is still in progress, but both David Griffin and Dan Gilbert seem to be on the right track. It helps to have the #1 pick in one of the best drafts in years and have a butt-load of cap space. Since CG left, the front office brilliantly brought in Steve Hawes to spread the floor for Kyrie/Dion and made a positive statement to the players by not tanking (and were rewarded because of it). Now, the fact that Gilbert and Griffin are exploring literally every path to go with the #1 pick goes against the perception of Gilbert's impulsiveness. It's awesome that they're taking time with these big decisions. What direction will they go with the #1 pick? Wiggins/Parker? Trade back for more assets? Get Love? Additionally, free agency could be important this year, but I shouldn't have to explain why. Regardless, it's going to be difficult for the Cavs to screw this up (Unless they do this.....). Remember, this is all because we didn't tank. Thanks Gilbert.

Gilbert has made his fair share of mistakes, and when he does, he takes responsibility. He isn't perfect, but he's making great decisions to help change the culture. We have one of the best GMs in the league, and he wholeheartedly wants the Cavs to be successful and give us fans what we deserve! Take comfort in the fact that he will outspend any GM in the league for what he wants!

Where Does This Leave Cavs Fans?

We have so many interesting story lines to follow this offseason. Will Blatt adjust to the NBA? Will the front office offer Kyrie the max contract? Will he take it? Will Kyrie and Dion start coexisting? Will the king return? Will Bennett improve? Will they draft Wiggins/Parker or do something else? Will Conrad remember us after he leaves??? Seriously though, it's an exciting time to be a Cavs fan. Soak it in and enjoy the ride!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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