GodZeller's Play Along NBA Draft 2014 Drinking Game

Hello everybody,
I knowwww it's Friday tomorrow, but come on, who doesn't love the draft, and seeing as I have to watch it at midnight, I've got the day off. The only way I'm making the long haul is with a few drinks and some WitMi dismayal. I thought I'd make a brief fanpost to iron out a few drinking game rules for tonight's proceedings. Play along if you want.

Also, drink what you like. No doubt Zavac will be enjoying a throaty red from the Colonies while j_rhodes is clicking open a fosters. _Swirving is probably hyped up on vodka energy drink mixers, while Mourt is scorning the fetid bud light drinkers with aplomb. I don't get paid till tomorrow at midday so I have scraped some bits and bobs together.

Most rules I've borrowed from various ones I've found, some rules I haven't,


Drink ONE when....

- ...ever a pick is made

- hear the word 'upside'. Don't even....

- hear the word 'tweener'

- ....Doug McDermott is mentioned (one for you kendeezy coz I know the boy don't drink)

- see old footage of David Stern

- ....Anytime a hastag is used in the discussion thread

Drink TWO when....

- ...ever there's a trade

- ...ever Bill Simmons makes a movie/popular culture reference for no reason

- ...ever the panelists/commentators discuss the players suits

- ...ever a comparison is made between Joel Embiid and Hakeem Olajuwon/Greg Oden

- ...ever Bill Simmons mentions the Celtics out of thin air when it's not anywhere near their pick

- ...ever anyone in the game thread creates a trade up out of thin air that would destroy our Wigdynasty

Finish your drink when....

- ... ever you hear the phrase 'God Hates Cleveland' or any reference to Cleveland being a shithole

- ,..ever Bill Simmons gets teary eyed over Larry Bird

- ...ever Doug McDermott is compared to a white guy

- ...ever Jalen Rose sings for no reason.

- ...ever a poster from another board comes in to tell us how shit our Front Office apparently is

- ...ever anyone passes out from this drinking game!


Let's enjoy the night fellas, because this is going to be good. Look at this way, we were SO close to making the playoffs last year, that even with the players we already have we have a damn good shot at making them next season, even if we didn't HAVE a draft pick. But we have the best pick of the lot as a booster. We cannot really lose here.

If we take Wiggins, we'll make the playoffs next year. In 3 years, we may win a championship. Who knows? Let's get drunk.

- GZ

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