Value Free Agents We Can Obtain from Least to Greatest Price

The Cavaliers have a big offseason ahead of them and if they want to lure Lebron James or another all-star free agent these are the valuable starters and bench energy guys that can attract them here.

Andray Blatche, Nets: After posting F$%@ Brooklyn on instagram and the fact he doesn't provide solid defense has caused his stock to drop. Blatche dropped 11.2 ppg game and 5.3 rpg but didn't do much else. Could be purchased for 1-2 Million.

Ed Davis, Grizzlies: In roughly 20 minutes per game in his career he has produced 6.9 ppg and 5.9 rpg. Posting a PER of 15.99 he could provide value minutes of the bench or perhaps even start at PF. We could easily land him to roughly 3 Million a year.

Channing Frye, Suns: If the Cavaliers can't resign Spencer Hawes this offseason, Channing Frye could easily be a cheaper alternative. Frye averaged 11.1 ppg and 5,1 rpg during the 2013-2014 season. He can provide 3 pt shooting ,but isn't quite the defensive presence we would prefer. Could be signed for around 4-5 Million per year.

CJ Miles, Cavaliers: We all know what CJ Miles can provide. He can provide dynamic play off the bench and score with relative ease. With 9.9 ppg game he can easliy bolster the 2nd team. Could be signed to 3-6 Million.

Emeka Okafor, Suns: When not injured Emeka Okafor can provide a double-double almost every night. During the 2012-2013 campaign Emeka averaged 9.7 ppg and 8.8 rpg per game in just 26.0 minutes. Could be a huge risk with a big payoff, we could sign him from anywhere to 4-8 Million.

Boris Diaw, Spurs: Boris Diaw can provide the ball movement David Blatt loves. His stock will have inflated due to his great NBA Finals performance. Boris provided 9.1 and 4.1 rpg and 2.4 apg. We may have to overpay for his passing ,but he can be purchased for 4-8 Million.

Spencer Hawes, Cavaliers: Hawes can provide shooting from the center position. With 13.2 ppg, 8.2 rpg and .416 3P% he is of value. We can resign him for around 6-10 Million per year.

Chandler Parsons, Rockets: My personal favorite on this list. Parsons can provide scoring and still fill out the stat sheet. With 16.6 ppg, 4.0 apg, and 5.5 rpg. He could be acquired for 10-12 Million.

Isaiah Thomas, Kings: Imagine the guard rotation with Irving, Thomas, and Waiters. Thomas is extremely undervalued even though he provided borderline allstar numbers, with 20.3 ppg and 6.3 apg. We can sign him from 12-15 Million.

Greg Monroe, Pistons: Monroe is an above average starter that can provide a PER of 18.16. He can score the ball at 15.2 per game. He rebounds at a strong rate of 9.3 rpg. He could be inked for 14-16 Million.

LeBron James, Heat: The best player in the world would be a dream to have back in Cleveland. It doesn't seem likely ,but he could be possibly courted. With 26.9 ppg, 7.2 rpg, and 6.9 apg he would be indispensable. He seems to want to be signed for the max.

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