How to build a contender in one off-season

I will make this simple, to win in the NBA, you need to be bold. I.E Pat Riley, Daryl Morey, etc. The way the league is currently structured that is the only way to win, I cannot emphasize that enough, the Spurs are the outlier. The cute Chris Grant, Sam Hinkie "process" plan almost always results in the "process" Gm being fired. With all that said we have been given a gift from some higher power who may actually love Cleveland, we cannot waste it, we must mortgage it into huge assets. This would be my plan:

Trade 1st overall to the Jazz who are desperate for the Mormon Messiah... Jabari Parker

Cavs Get:

C Derrick Favors, Sg Gordon Heyward, #5 Overall Pick

Utah Get:

Pf Tristan Thompson, C Anderson Varejao, #1 Overall Pick

Trade Anything to Minnesota for K-Love rental, that paired with Favors & Heyward will lure LeBron. I still vehemently hate James, but he is a front runner, and could not pass up the combination of youth &talent to extend his "title window". Literally will give everything, a Godfather offer. Two lottery pick players, #5 Overall pick, and 3 future 1st's. I would love to see a better offer from any team and I would love to see a T-Wolves fan stick his nose up at it.

Cavs Get:

Pf Kevin Love

Minnesota Get:

Sg Dion Waiters, Pf Anthony Bennett, Sf Alonzo Gee *Team Option, Sg Scotty Hopson *Team Option

2014 1st #5 Overall, 2014 2nd #33, Memphis 1st, Miami 1st, 2016 Cavs 1st

Free Agency: Again go all in on LBJ, and sign two reasonable priced role players.

Sign Sf Lebron James Mia

Sign Pf/C Jordan Hill Lal

Sign Sg Anthony Morrow No

Starting Lineup

Pg- Irving 22

Sg- Heyward 24

Sf- James 29

Pf- Love 26

C- Favors 23


Pg- Jack 31

Sg- Morrow 29

Pf- Hill 27

C- Zeller 24


Pg- Dellavedova 24

Sg- Karasev 21

Sf- Felix 24

Who say's no? Would love to know the opinions of the Cavs faithful on this master plan idea.

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