Three Amigos: Wiggins, Drake and Johnny



"Draft Day, Johnny Manziel

Five years later how am I the man still

Draft Day, A Wiggins

F*ck that other side b*tch, we stay winnin"

What started from the bottom as a mixtape by Drake could become the new anthem for Cleveland sports fans for the next decade as they came away with the two biggest stars in the 2014 NFL & NBA drafts.

First of all, Drake really got this one right. Call him a bandwagon fan all you want, but it's straight up eerie that he dropped Wiggins & Manziel in the same hook back in April long before the duo descended on Cleveland, Ohio. Cavs fans should expect to see Drizzy Drake sitting courtside at the Q rocking the Wine & Gold now that he can party with his two favorite young guns in the same city.

If I'm Wiggins, I'm locking up this "Three Amigos" opportunity with Drake & Johnny A$AP Rocky. We know his family is already on board after 22wiggins posted an Instagram video of his siblings rocking out to "Draft Day" in the backseat of his car.

Prediction: A la Manziel, Wiggins debuts his own OVO ink on his right wrist on NBA Opening Night.



Wiggins & Johnny Football will naturally be linked together as they each embark on their rookie campaigns and dominate Cleveland sports headlines this fall. Though Wiggins went #1 overall compared to Johhny's fall to pick #22, it was "The Regime" who went out on top in his collegiate career with 5 TDs in a thrilling 52-48 comeback win over Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. "I was in a zone I haven't been in before," Manziel said.

Wiggins went against a zone defense he hadn't seen before in the NCAA tournament against Stanford, as he was held to four points on 1-6 shooting with four turnovers in the upset loss. Wiggins accepted much of the blame for Kansas' early exit and critics pointed to his lack of aggressiveness as a warning sign against his NBA potential. One-and-done greats, such as Carmelo Anthony and Anthony Davis, are expected to dominate at the college level, especially come tournament time, in order to translate their success to the next level*. Unable to do so, Wiggins got hit with the dreaded "lacks killer instinct" label...



Manziel earned his shiny "it factor" badge in his freshman season after defeating #1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa. For Wiggins, it remains to be seen if he can develop the coveted "killer" mindset. He should excel immediately on the defensive end, especially when matched up on smaller shooting guards, and his offensive game is better suited to the free flowing NBA style of play (no 2-3 zones here!)**. LeBron James and Kevin Durant have elevated themselves above the rest of the league without the Jordan, Kobe type mentality, and Wiggins may be better off continuing to play his game for now.

"I just want to come in, create an impact right off the bat, offensively and defensively, bring the team to the next level and just be a good teammate, be a good part of the organization," said Wiggins. "I want to be on the All-Defensive team, be rookie of the year, make the All-Star team, all that type of stuff."

He may not be a killer just yet, but sounds like a championship mentality to me.

-Chris Hochgesang

For more NBA news, updates and rants, follow me on twitter @ChrisHochgesang

*Conversely, Kevin Durant got bounced in the 1st round at Texas, while Greg Oden led Ohio State to the Championship Game in 2007.

**Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love's offensive numbers skyrocketed in the NBA upon leaving UCLA's rigid offensive system under coach Ben Howland.

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