Random Nonsense


Seth Myers zings Dan Gilbert about LeBron

That's harsh, Seth Myers.

Let's make All-Star Weekend better

Let's cut the crap and come up with All-Star Weekend events that people would actually want to watch. Also, let's make sure they're events that the Cleveland Cavaliers would excel at.

Who's on the Cleveland Cavaliers Mt. Rushmore?

Mt. Rushmore analogies are all the rage lately. Who would go on Cleveland's?

Dan, please stay away from Joe Dumars

Dan don't do this. Please. Please do not. Dan. Dan Please. Dan? DAN!

SOURCES: Nick Gilbert wants out?

The youthfully exuberant and lovable lottery winner that is Nick Gilbert is unhappy with the direction of the Cavaliers, and is no longer holding his tongue.

Cleveland Cavaliers Futility Bingo!

I mean.... we have to do SOMETHING during games, right?

What's wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

An honest, in depth break-down of what is currently not working for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA reveals 2014 All Star jerseys

Here's what the all stars will be wearing in New Orleans.

Cavs hold impromptu practice after Portland loss

After falling to the Blazers 108-96 Wednesday night, the Cavaliers practiced on the Blazers court post game. Uhhh.....this is weird.

Show me what Cavs gifts you got!

Did you get something Cavs related for Christmas? Share it with us!


The totally fake oral history of the Cavs' meeting

Because we will never REALLY know what happened in the Cavaliers' players only meeting this past Wednesday, Fear The Sword has decided to make up their own version of the events.

Kyrie stars in new Uncle Drew commercial

Uncle Drew is at it again. Kyrie Irving stars in the latest PepsiMAX commercial. Check it out here.

Fear The Sword Mailbag #1!

A weekly mailbag from your friendly neighborhood Fear The Sword writer. This week, I discuss Kyrie's Rose Rule chances, Tristan's All-Star chances, the final roster cuts, and embarrass myself with story time at the end.


Kyrie Irving dance-off, y'all.

Kyrie Irving dance-off? Kyrie Irving dance-off.

Suburb residents are pretty mad about Dion's party

Dion Waiters apparently threw a sweet pool party and that got a lot of people upset.

Why I became (and stayed) a Cavs fan.

Most people know me at Fear the Sword but there's some who may not know exactly why I became a Cavs fan and what it is that made me fall in love with a city I've never been to. This is the story of why I am a Cavs fan.

The time I beat Dion Waiters at bowling.

A recap of Dion Waiters' charity bowling event in Cleveland...


Source: Kyrie better than random ballers

Good news, Cavs fans....Kyrie hasn't forgotten how to shoot or dribble since the Team USA scrimmage. Check out Irving and Nate Robinson going back and forth in a random offseason pickup game.

Andrew Bynum has fantastic hair

Even if Andrew Bynum doesn't play this year, his hair is sure to provide endless entertainment.

Andrew Bynum rips on Lakers fans

Andrew Bynum has joined the Cavaliers to start a new phase of his career. It sure seems like he's happy to move on from Philly and Los Angeles.

Tristan Thompson throws 1st pitch at Indians game

Tristan Thompson is awesome. Today, he threw the first pitch at the Cleveland Indians game.

The True Story about Baron Davis' Alien Abduction

Former Cavaliers point guard Baron Davis has recently told reporters he believes he was abducted by aliens. While Davis' memory of the event is hazy, this is one possible way it went down.

Fear the Sword talks NBA Draft with Jay Bilas

ESPN college basketball and draft analyst Jay Bilas talks NBA Draft with Fear the Sword

Mocking the draft: How awesome is your name?

You want a mock draft? I'll give you a mock draft.


LIVE Fear the Sword mock draft

We're working on a mock draft, watch us do it.

Simmons: Kyrie 7th most valuable in NBA

There's not a whole lot of Cavaliers news right now, so let's check out where Kyrie Irving landed on Bill Simmons' annual trade value ranking.

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