Roster Analysis

An early look at who could start alongside LeBron


The Cavs might still make a blockbuster trade before the season starts. But if they don't, new coach David Blatt should already have a pretty good idea of what his options are in terms of putting a...

What future draft picks do the Cavs still have?


With the first wave of free agency finished, the Cavs have given away some of the picks gained through Chris Grant's pick hording. With a potential Kevin Love trade looming, an inventory of the...

Cavs season brings more questions than answers


A hopeful big season has cast doubt on the franchise.

Analysis of the Cavs' trade for Spencer Hawes


Will Spencer Hawes' help the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Where did Chris Grant go wrong?


With the Cavaliers in the proverbial gutter and the team seemingly having no direction, it's probably time for a referendum on the tenure of general manager Chris Grant.

The Cavs are broken, but how broken?


The Cavs want to make this work this year, but is this team broken beyond repair?

Started from the bottom now we're.... here!?


What steps should the Cavs take to improve?

Veteran starters helping Cavs' offense


The Cavs haven't been good offensively all year, but a group of veterans is slowly starting to fix that.

It's time to send Bennett to the D-League


It's time to stop avoiding reality and do what should have been done at the start of the season. It's time to send Anthony Bennett to the D-League.

Deng helps build the defense Mike Brown wants


The Cavaliers want to build an elite defense. Where are they now, and how can they get where they want to be?


Analyzing Deng's contract and upcoming free agency


The Cavs traded for Luol Deng, but he's a free agent at the end of the season. What does that mean for the team?

How does Luol Deng fit on the Cavs?


The Cavaliers acquired Luol Deng in a trade with the Bulls. But how does he fit on his new team?

Talking Richard Jefferson with SLC Dunk


The Cavs have been linked to Richard Jefferson, who has kinf of been off the radar lately. I reached out the head man at SLC Dunk to get some info on who RJ is today.

Breaking down a potential Cavs-Lakers trade


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers are discussing a possible trade. How much would a deal benefit each team?

Andrew Bynum trade possibilities


With the news that Andrew Bynum has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, let's take a look at some of the possibilities for a trade.

Has the Andrew Bynum Experiment Failed?


So, um, Andrew Bynum isn't very good at the moment. What's going on with him, and what should the Cavaliers do with him?

The Cavs' unsung studs


The Cavaliers have been up and down this season. But who are the unsung heroes of this Cavaliers' season? Check it out.

Is Tristan Thompson progressing?


Tristan Thompson has had an up and down season. Right now? Trending up.

Should Mike Brown start Bennett at small forward?


Everything we were told in the preseason was a lie. Deception is everywhere, and changes are coming.

Could the Cavs try to acquire Luol Deng?


Derrick Rose is out for the season. Again. That means the Chicago Bulls might look to blow things up. Should the Cavs get involved?

Andy Varejao is the final link between eras


Mike Brown is returning to Cleveland this season. But he'll find just one player that is still around from the previous era of Cavaliers: Anderson Varejao.

Free Agency targets for Cavs at small forward


Otto Porter could be an option for the Cavs. Here are some small forwards available in free agency that make more sense.

Where Did Mike Brown's Offense Go Wrong?


Rumors have circulated over the last few days that Mike Brown is the favorite to replace Byron Scott as the Cavaliers' head coach. So the question now becomes: where did Mike Brown go wrong as...

Will the real Cavaliers please stand up?


The Cavaliers are obviously headed towards the lottery. But they had a month or two when they were actually a good team. The question is: which team is the real Cavs?

Let's go Lakers! When LA wins, Cleveland wins


The Los Angeles Lakers are fighting for a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Some of their biggest fans are sitting in the front office in Northeast Ohio.

What can Cleveland learn from Oklahoma City?


Are the Cavaliers following the Oklahoma City Model? Are they on the right track?

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