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“What these young bloods have to understand, that this game has always been and will always be about buckets.” – // Latest illustration featuring your very own (and probably my favorite PG in the L right now) Kyrie Irving. // As always, comments are appreciate and you can find more here.

LeBron follows in Shaq's footsteps. Be afraid.

Variety reports that Cleveland Cavalier (and probably future New York Knick) LeBron James is taking a shot at movie stardom. The good news: he's playing himself in "Fantasy Basketball Camp," a...

Shaq to the Cleve

Good morning fellow Outsportsters.   During the overnight hours, Cleveland and Phoenix worked out a mega-deal.  Shaquille O'Neal has been traded by Phoenix to the Cavaliers in exchange for Sasha...

Is LeBron James a sore loser?

The NBA Finals was supposed to be the meeting of the consensus two best basketball players in the NBA. Instead, LeBron James will be watching the series from home and sulking. Apparently, he left...

Quick hits: Cavs, Kentucky, Lance, Africa

Cavaliers blow big first-quarter lead, then LeBron takes over in the second half. A nasty fight between Kentucky basketball and their fired head coach Billy Gillespie is brewing. Where can I sign...

Quick hits: Utecht, Red Sox, Caps-Pens, Cavs

Ex-Red Sox player says the team taught them how to use steroids. Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the Hawks. Ilgauskas: "We have nothing to celebrate. What is there to celebrate? We have bigger goals than...

Quick hits: Dungy/Vick, Howard Mudd

Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd (right) is retiring due to a change in pension plans. Mudd has been a long-time friend of Dave Kopay and Jim got to meet him at the Colts' lone playoff game...

Sixers vs. Cavs Preview: River's On Fire

Come and watch some of the NBA's most exciting young guards, as well as some of the NBA's most idiotic hairdos.

Pacers Off-Season Rumors: Would Ersan Ilyasova Be a Fit?

The Indiana Pacers will have an interesting off-season. Will they go after Ersan Ilyasova this Summer? He could be a nice fit. I'll give you my analysis on how he could be a fit.

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