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Rookie Darnell Jackson Gone For 5-6 Weeks

According to Brian Windhorst, Darnell Jackson, acquired in a draft night trade with the Miami Heat, will miss 5-6 weeks after being diagnosed with a fractured wrist.

Jackson had been impressing team officials and fans alike with his tough, hard-nosed play during training camp and with Jackson and fellow rookie J.J. Hickson the team felt confident about it's front court situation.

More from Windhorst's article -- 

Jackson said he wasn't sure when the injury occurred, since the first week of training camp he'd been bothered by soreness and was getting the wrist tapped. But it didn't get better and became more bothersome.

A former football player who is proud of his pain tolerance and as a rookie trying to make a positive impression, Jackson simply dealt with it. Discomfort in a weight-lifting session on Thursday, though, convinced Jackson to have it examined.
"I can take a lot of pain, I just kept blowing it off," Jackson said. "Finally, I just got irritated with it and asked if they could check it out and next thing I know I'm in this [cast]."

Jackson hopes to be out of the cast in 10 days or so and expects to return well before the doctors' estimate, but the Cavs will likely proceed cautiously because it is so early in the season and he's a reserve.

He averaged 3.5 points and 2.3 rebounds in 14.3 minutes over the first four preseason games.

"He's having a good camp," Brown said. "Now's he's got to figure out the other side of it, which is how to stay in shape and still learn even though he's going to be out."

The injury could also mean that former St. Edward Eagle/Noth Carolina Tar Heel Jawad Williams could get the nod for the team's final roster spot.  Without Jackson, the Cavaliers are mighty thin on the front lines as Windhorst explains -- 

Brown said the injury may force the team to re-evaluate its roster plans.Ronald Dupree is the narrow favorite to get the last spot. Now thinner on the front line, however, St. Edward graduate Jawad Williams may get further consideration because he can play both forward spots.