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Training Camp Quotables - 10/1

Here is a snippet of quotes from yesterday's workuts from various sources around the web.  This is something I'll be doing daily here at FTS to keep every being said by the Cavs and about the Cavs in oe convenient place.  

Here we go!

LeBron James on taking it easy during Training Camp after a busy summer -- 

You learn from things that go on in your career and I definitely learned from [2006], I know how to approach this season.  I think I've prepared myself to start the season the best I can.  I think this year I have a lot of help so I don't have to put as much pressure on myself. I think I'll be fine.

LeBron on wearing #6(his Olympic number) during camp -- 

'I'll be No. 23 when the games start, but I like No. 6, too.

LeBron talking about the feeling at camp compared to the instability of last season -- 

The atmosphere has been great -- a lot better than the start of last season.  Everybody's here. It's a great feeling. I think everybody's focused and knows what's at stake here.

Coach Mike Brown, talking about training camp invitee Michael Dickerson, who hasn't played in the NBA since 2003 -- 

You can see he's a little rusty in terms of the lingo and the knowledge and his reactions, but when it comes to competing, his athleticism and strength stands out.

Sasha Pavlovic on being at Training Camp right from the start -- 

Now I know what it means when you miss training camp.  Last year I was just waiting for the call to come here and sign a contract. I was practicing, but I couldn't be 100 percent focused on my practicing.  I think this is a big plus to be here in the preseason. I think it was bad for me. I was late for training camp, then I tried to catch up and I got hurt, came back, tried to catch up again and then I got hurt again. It was a hard season for me. It was hard mentally for me because I was hurt and I tried to play so bad and I tried to get back. I think I didn't show what I could do. That's why I'm excited now. I forgot already about last season and I'm ready to play now.

Anderson Varejao on being at Training Camp right from the start -- 

It was kind of tough for me.  I was happy when I got back. The numbers I was having were my best of my career. I felt really comfortable. I was playing with confidence. My game was showing up. After I got hurt everything went down.  Now I'm happy. I'm here. It's much better to start the season with everybody. It's important for me.

Mike Brown on having a full team right from the start -- 

Having the whole team in camp is a positive thing not only for the team but for those guys individually.  When you're young and at the stage of your career that they are, anytime you miss practices, anytime you miss games, it's going to be hurtful to you first and to your team second.  Having those guys here is good for everybody involved. It brings a little boost of energy. It does add that pep in everybody's step. We know everything we're going through ... everybody's getting a taste of it going into the preseason.