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Boston Celtics 90 - Cleveland Cavaliers 85 -- Immediate Reaction

The 2008-09 season is underway, and for the Cavaliers it looked much the same the end of last season did.  They took it to the Celtics, but in the end, the team in green is the one wearing the ring and for good reason.  When they needed to make a shot, they made it.  When they needed a rebound, they got it.  When they needed a turnover, well, the Cavaliers obliged.

In a lot of ways, the game went the way I figured it would.  The Cavaliers looked more focused, more energized in the beginning, while the Celtics needed the first 15 minutes or so to remember that the pre-game ceremonies were over.  As the game wore on, however, the Celtics effort improved, while the Cavaliers looked like a team that didn't play alot together as a unit during the Pre-Season.

In the end, the Cavaliers were done in by many of the same things that has plagued them in the past -- poorly timed lulls on the defensive end, slow starts in the 2nd half, missed free throws.  All three contributed, along with 22 turnovers.  More to come, but feel free to discuss the loss in the Comments