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LeBron James to be featured on '60 Minutes'


Can't get enough of LeBron James?  Good, because James is soon to be a feature on the CBS news program '60 Minutes', to be broadcast at an undetermined date, presumably in November.

The show's crew was at the Cavaliers practice facility yesterday taking random video of James during practice.

Mike Brown, always one to crack a joke, admitted he doesn't watch the show --

"My parents used to watch '60 Minutes' with Ed Bradley when I was growing up," Brown said. "I don't watch it."

Brown was informed that the segment isn't always positive in nature.

"Now it concerns me," Brown joked.

According to the producers, "60 Minutes" has been working on a James story for several months and will try to show the different sides of him — the person, the family man, the player and the business man.

Must-see TV at it's finest.