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(written by LeCavs co-author Ori)

I'll say it. Mike Brown is the BCC.

Best Coach in Cleveland.

Yesterday I was driving in my Bentley Continental (read: Chrysler Pacifica), blasting some hardcore street thug rap (read: my old Kriss Kross CD), when I switched over to AM radio to hear once again, to my surprise and delight: The Coach Mike Brown Show.

What a great show and what a great coach! I know that he isn't exactly beloved in Cleveland, and is not considered one of the greatest coaches in the game today, and that sometimes his offensive game plan leaves something to be desired (like offense). But let's hear it for the boy.

Under Coach Brown, we have made it to the finals, we always play hard, and we usually look great on defense.

But I digress, the Coach Brown show is fantastic for two reasons. Coach Brown tells it like it is. When I finish listening to a Romeo Crennel or Eric Wedge news conference, I feel dirty, tricked, and confused (That's what she said?) Mike Brown yesterday, laid out his plan for the Cavs during training camp, spoke directly about the performance of certain players, and gave expectations.

* He plans on getting back to the basics of basketball, concentrating more on offense but still keeping the focus on defense, he expects us to contend for and win the championship, gave a real good report about 'Bron looking even better, Boobie putting on some strength and weight, Sasha losing 12 lbs. and JJ Hickson being an overall beast.

But here's the best part of the Mike Brown show. He takes phone calls from fans. He actually takes them. And even though 90% of the people who call in are complete idiots, he takes the time to answer the people's questions directly and responds to criticism from fans.

The fact that a coach would even offer to hear the fan's point of view on how he runs plays, what players to put in, what needs to be changed, etc. makes Mike Brown by far the BCC.

I'm very excited for this year's team, and honestly feel that this is our best chance to win it all.

Also, I'm calling it right now- Lebron wins the MVP and Mike Brown wins Coach of the Year.