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Cavs Lose Out On McDyess, Forward Will Return To Pistons

The Cavaliers had more money to offer, but in the end a sense of loyalty pushed Antonio McDyess back to the Detroit Pistons.

Andy Miller, the agent for McDyess announced that his client has decided to re-sign with the Pistons on December 3rd when the 30-day waiting period expires after the Pistons traded him to Denver as part of the Allen Iverson/Chauncey Billups deal. 

McDyess was owed $13 million this season but ended up accepting a $6 million buy-out in order to regain his freedom.  The Pistons can only offer their bi-annual exception($1.9 million), significantly less than the $5.5 million or so teams like the Cavaliers could offer using their mid-level exception.

"It was a very difficult decision for him. He was weighing good offers financially, along with other variables he thought were important, but going into the year he had a team goal set, and to not finish up with it, he didn't want to do that. He wants to finish the year, finish what he started in Detroit, then reevaluate after the season is over."

Amzing that a player could have so much loyalty for a team that sent him packing in the first place, but McDyess has one goal, a championship, and it is obvious that he feeels the Pistons give him the best opportunity.  Oh, and Detroit will have plaenty of cap space this summer to "assist" McDyess in making up the nearly $5 million he is leaving on the table in 2008-09.