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Tough Road Gets Tougher For Cavaliers

At 1-2, the Cavaliers have admittedly gotten off to a slow start.  I can't blame them, looking at who and where they have played.  3 games, three home openers, 2 of them on the road against elite teams in the NBA would be a tall task for any team.  Start with Boston on the night they celebrate their 17 World Championship, then on to New Orleans, a team that had the 2nd best record is the Western Conference last season. 

Not easy.

That doesn't mean the Cavs are without fault and disappointment.  Heading into another tough road game tonight, this time in Dallas, the Cavaliers committed turnovers are an alarming rate, starting with LeBron James, whose 13 giveaways in 3 games are tied for the most in the League.  The Cavaliers also fell apart in the final minutes against the Hornets, allowing over 100 points to a team playing without two of starting 5. 

That leads the Cavaliers to Dallas, and a tough week overall for the Wine and Gold.  After the Mavericks, the Cavaliers come home to face Chicago on Wednesday and Indiana on Friday before a return trip to Chicago Saturday Night.  4 games in 6 nights, 2 of which are on the road, isn't easy for anyone.

Luckily, the Cavaliers appear healthy.  Delonte West did bang his wrist during Saturday's game and was sent for precautionary X-Rays that were negative.  He is in line to start tonight against the Mavericks.

The Cavaliers also need to get Mo Williams going.  Williams has been putting alot of pressure on himself, most likely due to the fact that he was labeled the "missing piece" when the Cavaliers acquired him.  Coming off of off-season hernia surgery, Williams has yet to reach 100% and that has affected his play.  The Cavs acquired Williams becuase he was a good ball-handler, could hit the open shot, and run the floor.  So far, Williams has struggled with all three and the Cavaliers offense has grown stagnant at times, much like it has the previous few seasons under Mike Brown.

There are no panic buttons to press yet.  The season is young and the Cavaliers have done nothing but lose to two premier teams on the road.  Nothing to be ashamed of in Novemeber.  At some point, however, the Cavaliers need to turn 'it' up a notch.  No time like the present.