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Further Proof LeBron James Has No Need For New York

Listen to media pundits, former players and fans and you'll hear that the only way LeBron James will ever become the global media icon he so desires to be is to ditch Cleveland and head for a media captial like New York.  Well, today comes further proof that LeBron is much, much bigger than the city he happens to call his basketball home.  From today's Sporting News, Daily Edition -- 

LeBron James is so much more than a basketball star.

He's a movie and television star, too.

More than a Game, a documentary about James-and produced by him-has been purchased by Lions Gate for theatrical distribution and is expected to be released in the fall of 2009.  Now it is being reported that James is working on the development of a 1-hour drama series based on his high scholl expereinces.

James will reportedly partner with O'Shea "Ice Cube" Jackson and ABC on the project, which is described as Friday Night Lights-meets-Entourage.  It will follow an inner-city prep star who is transplanted to a small town as he comes of age while "dealing with media pressure, unscrupulous moneymen and the jealousy of his peers."  If the series' pilot is approved, production could begin in the spring for a fall 2009 debut.

Once again, New York, you need LeBron James alot more than he needs you.