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Training Camp Report: Day #1 - LeBron Sounds Off

Training Camp 2008 officially opened for the Cavaliuers yesterday as they held their annual Media Day.  Personally, I have been waiting a long time for this because I knew LeBron would get the chance to publically talk about the various rumors swirling around him.  Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.


LeBron and company at the Cavaliers media day

After the jump are just some of LeBron's comments regarding everything from his future status in Cleveland to his affinity for pissing off local fans to his busy summer... 

On all the talk about his not liking Cleveland -- 

Go on the Internet and look at every time I have been asked am I happy in Cleveland and see my response.  I've never given any indication that I was leaving or didn't like being here. Every time I am asked the question — I love being here, I love playing in front of these fans, my family is here, I grew up 30 miles away — I never gave any indication that I did not like playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On his love for the Cowboys and Yankees -- 

I'll say I like the Yankees and the Cowboys, but that has nothing to do with the Cavaliers.  It's not fun [to be questioned about it]. Am I not allowed to be a fan? When I grew up watching sports, the Cowboys were a team to love; Michael Jordan was [a player] to love. If I say I like Michael Jordan, is that a problem because I didn't say Mark Price?  Is that a problem? Is it? That is who I grew up watching. These are the teams and the people that inspired me. Now I broke it down for you all.

On coming close against the Celtics -- 

If we don't win, I don't come away saying we gave Boston the best series in the playoffs. I never look at it that way. I'm the ultimate competitor. I can't say if we hadn't missed a shot in the last two minutes, we would've won [Game 7]. I can't look at it that way. We lost like everybody else lost. Some guys may look at it that way, but I don't.

On his busy summer abroad -- 

I wish I could have gotten more rest. But when I see what I traded rest for, I'll take it. To represent my country and win a gold medal, I can take a few hours of not sleeping.

On being the leader of the Cavaliers -- 

The way I look at it is if you can go out and lead guys who are already established and won NBA championships and scoring titles and MVPs and Rookie of the Years, there is nothing else nobody can tell you. I mean, if I can go out and lead Kobe Bryant, then I should be able to go out and lead Daniel Gibson. I see our potential. I see how good we can be.

On his thoughts of the 2008 Cavaliers --

This is the best team we've had since I've been here, especially to start off the season. To see the talent from one through 14 on the roster, everyone can contribute. As an individual, I know I have improved five times since Game 7 of the Boston series. When you play all summer with 11 of the best players in the world, you have to get better.

They(the Front Office) did a great job of going out and getting players that could help win a championship. There's really no excuse now. We have guys that can go out and dominate a game.

Will LeBron's words be enough to put the National Media to rest?  Doubtful, especially considering they would want nothing more than to see LeBron leave Cleveland for the bright lights of the big city....Any big city.  The only thing that can quiet the critics is LeBron's name, signed squarely on the dotted line of a Cavaliers contract in, oh, 700 days or so.  That would quiet them, at least for a week or so.