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Cavs Look To Add Depth With Lorenzen Wright

When the Cavs made the Mo Williams deal a few weeks a go, sending Joe Smith, among others away to get the Point Guard, it left the cavs with a size void in the front court.  It appears the team is close to closing that void with word going around that the team is close to signing Lorenzen Wright -- 

Wright will act as a replacement for Joe Smith, who was sent away as part of the three-way trade with Milwaukee and Memphis that brought Mo Williams to the Cavs. He gives the Cavs some insurance up front as a backup for Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Ben Wallace and a complement to Anderson Varejao. His presence should allow the team to bring rookie J.J. Hickson along more slowly instead of forcing him into the lineup.

A 6-11, 255-pound veteran who will turn 33 on Nov. 4, Wright has played 13 seasons in the NBA. He split last season between Atlanta and Sacramento after being traded by the Hawks in the deal for Mike Bibby. But he never figured in the Kings' plans and played only five games in Sacramento. He played just 18 games the entire season, averaging 0.8 points and 2.1 rebounds, his career lows. His best season was in 2000-01, when he averaged 12.4 points and 7.5 rebounds for Atlanta. 

A look at Wright was a solid role-player during his time in Memphis, but has been a real non-factor the past two seasons, bouncing around from Memphis to Atlanta to Sacramento.  What he'll be able to do for the Cavs remains to be seen, but size does matter, especially in the NBA!