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Fear the Links - 1/12/09

A daily feature here at FTS will be a link dump of all the Cavaliers news out there, and there is alot of it.  If you have a link, send it to me -- -- and I will add it.



Fts_small_medium There was a rare event in this Cavs season during Friday's win over the Boston Celtics, even though it was easy to miss.

Fts_small_mediumThe Cavaliers look like the '95 Indians. The Indians finished 100-44, spent 131 days in first place, drew 2.8 million and finished 30 games ahead in the division.

Fts_small_mediumLong before this week's unprecedented e-mail exchanges concerning forward Darius Miles, the Cavaliers were keeping a very close eye on the way the Portland Trail Blazers were handling Miles' supposed career-ending knee injury.

Fts_small_mediumBen Wallace has been getting purposely hacked for so many years, he's got his own name for the tactic. The "Bump-a-Ben," an offshoot of the famous Hack-a-Shaq on Shaquille O'Neal.


Fts_small_mediumThe Cavaliers will say otherwise, but after watching the team's vivisection of the Boston Celtics Friday night, it's clear that the team bided its time since opening night when they lost to the guys in green.

Fts_small_mediumHow much confidence does Cavaliers coach Mike Brown have in Delonte West? Enough to trust him to take a game-winning shot and provide a little guidance to Brown's son, Elijah, an eighth-grade basketball player. Brown believes his son will be a ''nice little high school player.''


Fts_small_mediumIn J.J. Hickson’s mind, he’s been playing hard since he came to the NBA.  Cavs coach Mike Brown had quite another opinion on the matter.