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Fear The Links - 1/14/09

A daily feature here at FTS will be a link dump of all the Cavaliers news out there, and there is alot of it.  If you have a link, send it to me -- -- and I will add it.



Fts_small_mediumComing out of the halftime break, the Cavaliers were in a tad bit of trouble against a terrible team Tuesday night. Yet LeBron James was jovial and smiling as he reported to the floor

Fts_small_mediumThe Cavs overcame being without Ben Wallace (flu) along with Zydrunas Ilgauskas for their third consecutive win. LeBron James was the leader as he put up a triple double and Delonte West and Mo Williams combined for 35 points in a strong backcourt effort.

Fts_small_mediumThe Cavaliers took a team field trip Monday afternoon, one that was historical, spiritual and uplifting.


Fts_small_mediumThings must've gotten to LeBron James in the third quarter.  Having held the Memphis Grizzlies to 35 percent shooting in the first half Tuesday, the Cavaliers led by just three points at halftime.