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LeBron Displays His 'Flawed' Ability, Drops Warriors At Buzzer

Final - 1.23.2009 1 2 3 4 Total
Cleveland Cavaliers 28 27 29 22 106
Golden State Warriors 26 28 27 24 105

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LeBron James is a flawed basketball player.  Rick Barry says so.  This flawed basketball player, through exactly half of his teams games is the NBA MVP and NBA Defensive Player of the Year.  If only we were all flawed so good. 

There were many heroes in this one -- Tarence Kinsey in the first half, scoring 7 points in 6 minutes when Mo Williams played the worst 8 minutes of his Cavaliers career.  Daniel Ginson, who seemed to regain his confidence from deep, and, of course, Mo Williams, who bounced back from his 0-7 first half to score 14 points on 6-10 shooting in the 2nd.

This night, however, belonged to James.  He proved it in the first half, when, while he was taking his regular rest to start the 2nd quarter he watched the Cavaliers turn a 2 point lead into a 12 point deficit.  When James returned, with approximately 8 minutes to go, and the Cavs trailing 42-30, James lead the team on a 17-2 run that took about 4 minutes on the game clock.  The teams went back and forth in the 2nd half, Stephen Jackson hitting jumper after jumper to keep the Cavaliers sweating.

IN the end, however, LeBron did what great players do.  He hit his free throws, then, hit the 19-footer at the buzzer to send the Warriors home.  In this season, the best in Cavaliers history through 41 games, we shouldn't expect anything less.  For those of you that couldn't stay up, I leave you with the highlights below.  Enjoy!