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Short and Not-So Sweet...Magic Crush Cavs

I'm not going to dweel on tonight's loss.  Hell, I am writing this with around 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  I said in the Game Thread that I thought this game meant more to the Magic.  I still believe that.  The Cavaliers know what kind of playoff team they are, they know what kind of team they are when everyone is healthy.  The Magic?  There were questions....

The results of this game will be typical of the main-stream media.

  • You'll hear that the Cavaliers are over-rated, that getting blown out by the Lakers and Magic is an indication that the Cavaliers aren't as good as advertised.  GOOD.
  • You'll hear that the Magic are a better basketball team, while curiously absent will be a mention of the injuries to Z and Delonte.  GOOD.
  • You'll hear that LeBron is losing his grip on MVP.  That he isn't rising to the occasion in the big games.  GOOD.

Let the criticism begin.  Let the nay-sayers come out of the closet.  Let the doubters be heard and let the fair-weather fans get off the bandwagon.  The Cavaliers are going to get healthy, and they get their shot against LA and Orlando in Cleveland.

The great thing is the Cavs get right back on the horse tomorrow night at home against the Clippers.  Take a deep breath, and file this game where it deserves to go - the circular file cabinet.

Talk about the game here....