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Fear The Links - 1/9/08

A daily feature here at FTS will be a link dump of all the Cavaliers news out there, and there is alot of it.  If you have a link, send it to me -- -- and I will add it.



Fts_small_medium The Cavaliers have been built in the image of the multiple-time world champion San Antonio Spurs, the result of their general manager and head coach's lineage.


Fts_small_mediumThe Cavaliers and Boston Celtics are seemingly going in different directions.  The teams have the top two records in the Eastern Conference, but the Celtics (29-8) will attempt to end the Cavs' 18-game home winning streak at Quicken Loans Arena tonight.

Fts_small_mediumWith the game over at approximately 9;20 p.m. LeBron James did his media availability early and was set to get out of there. Then he and everyone in the room started to pay attention to the Celtics-Rockets game that had been background noise.


Fts_small_mediumAs little LeBron James Jr. practiced writing his name on the dry-erase board in Cleveland’s locker room, his famous father was busy a few feet away.  The Boston Celtics were on the flatscreen TV and LeBron James was watching them, studying them, breaking them down.

Fts_small_mediumTaking the parallel another step: The Lakers had a point to prove on Christmas and wanted the game more.  They were tired of hearing about how great the Celtics were and wanted payback for the Finals.  Now the Celtics are reeling and one would hope that they are feeling like they have something to prove.  Who better to prove it against than the Cavs?

Fts_small_mediumAnd we thought Brett Favre and Roger Clemens were the masters of "The Tease." No more. LeBron has skillfully taken innuendo and suggestive language to such an überlevel that for the next two years there will be no other story line in the NBA more talked about.