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Fear The Links - Where for art thou Delonte?

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Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West again misses practice, unexcused by the team(
Mike Brown has a new mantra this season. It has to do with the team adopting a bunker mentality to avoid outside distractions. Again, it is not a new philosophy, but it is targeted. The star power and contract status of LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal figure to draw massive and potentially disruptive attention this season. The tactic is being put to the test right away, thanks to Delonte West, who skipped two-a-day practices again Wednesday. If you are keeping score, and the Cavs certainly are, West is now 0-for-4 in showing up for workouts.

Are the New York Knicks trying to influence LeBron James through his friend?(
This is either New York City paranoia or the New York Daily News really has the scoop when it comes to LeBron James' destination when he becomes a free agent in July.

West skips second day of practices(
Day Two in the will-he-or-will-he-not-show-up-at-practice saga of Delonte West came Wednesday and the Cavaliers sounded unfazed by West's absence.

Parker stepping up as West no-shows(Morning
No one realized how important Anthony Parker might be to the Cavaliers when he signed as a free agent.

Cavs anxious for West's return after two no-shows(Morning
The Cavaliers players said they would welcome Delonte West with open arms. Unfortunately, he remained holed up in his Cleveland apartment for a second day on Wednesday.

Grappling with demons, last thing West needs is to be demonized -
For reasons that we may never fully understand, Delonte West was spending one of his last days of summer vacation cruising around his home state of Maryland on a three-wheel motorcycle. In his possession was one loaded firearm for each wheel.

On West, Bargnani and Colangelo(The Globe and Mail)
Mental illness is serious business and I don’t pretend to be an expert or anything close, but it’s been interesting to follow the Delonte West situation from afar.