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Cavaliers will address Delonte West situation at scrimmage

Delonte West was back, and should be ready to go when the Cavs take the floor on Saturday at the University of Akron for their Annual Wine and Gold Scrimmage.  Danny Ferry will talk about the circumstances regarding West's unexcused absences during the scrimmage.

Until then, West's Coach and teammates were happy to see West back on the floor -

Mike Brown -

It was great to have him back on the floor.

Shaq --

He's a vital part to this team.  I watched him play last year, and he's a fabulous player. We're all in this together, so we support him and stick by him.

Anthony Parker -

Delonte came in and had a great practice today. He's definitely a big part of this team.

Perhaps this is as good a time as any to let you guys know that the Cavaliers have been gracious enough to extend media credentials to FTS for the Pre-Season and Regular Season - starting this Saturday with the scrimmage.  That is good news for me, and GREAT NEWS for all of you since I will bring you Cavaliers coverage from a fan's point of view.

If you haven't already, follow FTS on Twitter - I'll be tweeting through the day with my thoughts.