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LeBron, Shaq grace the cover of Sports Illustrated


LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Annual NBA Preview Issue, though it didn't help the Wine and Gold when it came time for Sr. Writer Ian Thomson to make his selection for NBA Champion.  Thomson, who also did the Cavaliers preview, has the Boston Celtics beating the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals before knocking off the defending champion Lakers in the NBA Finals.

According to Thompson, the Celtics will be bolstered by the additions of Marquis Daniels and Rasheed Wallace, adding to, what he calls, the best starting five in the NBA.

Thomson's Cavaliers preview has all the standard fare, focusing on the acquisition of Anthony Parker and the questions swirling around Delonte West

Mike Brown heaped heavy praise on Parker in the article as well - 

Anthony is the best guy we've had shootingthe ball coming off screens sinceI've been here.  I haven't been around anybody like that except when I wasin Indiana with Reggie Miller.

I will be sendng some questions on to Thomson to get some more details as to what he feels the Celtics have, and the Cavaliers do not.