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Is Antonio Daniels on Cavaliers' Radar??

To say that there are questions swirling around Delonte West is an understatement.  The Cavaliers haven't ruled him out of tomorrow night's opener - they haven't said much of anything about West or his playing status.  Without West, the Cavs are thin at best in the back court.  Could that be the reason that Brian Windhorst is reporting that there are rumors around the Cavs with the name Antonio Daniels?

Some reports have it simply a rumor.  Others have Daniels already agreeing to the veteran minimum after he clears waivers from being bought out by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Daniels would make a lot of sense.  He would provide the Cavaliers a proven ball handler and - perhaps more importantly, a career 80% free throw shooter.  With a team that could have Shaq and Anderson Varejao on the floor at the same time - free throw shooting becomes critical, especially late in games.

Either way, adding the depth of a proven player like Daniels can't be a bad thing - even if Delonte West is able to come all the way back.

In the end, with or without West, there is a bit of a void in the backcourt on the roster.  Daniels would help fill that void.